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Comment Re:80% of iPhone users? (Score 1) 422

I use a cell phone holder that mounts to the air vent on the dashboard - it's a generic holder that expands far enough side-to-side to accommodate the iPhone, and has a gap at the bottom that's wide enough for the phone charger to be plugged in so I don't waste battery life while using the GPS functions. It's mounted upright (not sideways) but that still works and is visible enough from my driver's seat.

Comment Re:I don't get it (Score 1) 1475

That's a specious sophistry. Men and women both can marry someone of the opposite gender, but not someone of the same gender. The only way you can get a right men have that women don't out of that is to *define* the right itself in terms of a specific gender.

There was a similar argument for laws against interracial marriage as well - since no one was allowed to marry outside their race, it was argued, it was not discriminating against any one race. Everyone still had an equal right to marry someone, and all were equally limited to their own race. However, the California Supreme Court rejected this argument in the 1948 Perez v. Sharp decision, which is what the court used as precedent in the recent ruling legalizing same-sex marriage. It didn't matter that the law was not singling out any one race to discriminate against; simply having race as a limiting factor was considered an unreasonable restriction on the right to marry.

The Perez case described the "right to marry" as follows:

the essence of the right to marry is freedom to join in marriage with the person of one's choice

Just as a person cannot help that the one person they choose to marry is of a different race, some cannot help the fact that the one person they choose to marry is of the same gender. Limiting one's available choice for marriage based on gender should be considered, according to CA's equal protection statutes, just as discriminatory as limiting it based on race.


Submission + - McCain on Net Neutrality, Copyright, Iraq

An anonymous reader writes: Sen. John McCain kicked off the All Things Digital conference Tuesday night with some interesting comments about net neutrality among other things. His take: there should be as little government regulation of broadband as possible. The market should be allowed to solve the Net-neutrality issue: "When you control the pipe you should be able to get profit from your investment."
It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - LOLCODE: scripting code for a new generation

Tumbleweed writes: " LOLCODE is a new scripting language being designed to more closely match current trends in language grammar and syntax; LOLCODE will likely appeal to a new generation of web coders.

LOLCODE features keywords like these: can-has, gimmeh, hai, i-has-a, im-in-yr, im-outta-yr, kthxbye and
visible. My favourite example:

        YA RLY
                BTW this is true
                VISIBLE "BIG NUMBER!"
        NO WAI
                BTW this is false
                VISIBLE "LITTLE NUMBER!"

Submission + - AT&T's U-verse: Want TV over phone lines ?

ppadala writes: "AT&T is upgrading their phone lines to offer video programmes over phone line. The service, which will be available in parts of southern California communities initially, is similar to your cable and dish offerings. AT&T is insisting that,

This offering is on par with those of its cable rivals. But AT&T claims that it offers customers more for their money, including fast channel changing, video-on-demand, three set-top boxes, a digital video recorder, a picture-in-picture feature that allows viewers to surf channels without switching channels and an interactive program guide.

Submission + - Life Imprisonment for Copyright Infringement

ronadams writes: "P. Parameswaran writes in his AFP article:

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales said he proposed comprehensive legislation to Congress Monday against copyright thieves, including raising the maximum penalty to life imprisonment and seizing the illicit profits of offenders.
Nick Ferrel at the Inquirer confirms the reports and adds a few interesting insights of his own. Good to know RIAA is a vital part of the US Government. I must have been asleep when my Government & Law professor glossed over that one."

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