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Comment You have to sign the notice??? (Score 2, Interesting) 273

Firstly, I think popups are generally disabled by people who know how to use torrents. And secondly, they require the popup to be signed so you cannot say "I didn't know" further down the line. Now what happens if you see the popup and just close it (CTRL+W or CTRL+F4)? Does it count as seen? Or better still, pull the popup window to a side and keep doing what you are doing. And shutdown after you are done. Now does that count? And what if I challenge the ISP to show me proof for the notice. Will they do it or just ignore me? If they ignore me, I can ignore them and so the story can go...

Comment Re:It's not iTunes or Apple, it's RIAA (Score 1) 570

A more apt description of the problem will be something like below. - I buy a big property now - My heirs & everybody has all rights inheritance wise to the property - But I have also allowed small parts of my property to be bought by people*. *=Since property is tangible, parts I sell does not belong to me. But assume for the stupid example that my property does not get smaller. - In any case, the heirs of the persons I have sold the property also get the inheritance rights to that property similar to the ones that my heirs have. Now go back home, eat your food and give your brain something to chew on (or better turn it off). I hope you don't come back arguing that my heirs have more rights than somebody else who bought from me/my work. Good day.

Comment Re:When Domination Isn't (Score 1) 738

Both Android developers and Android users know that they don't like video ads. And in fact all Android users are well conversant with technology to know how to stop ads from showing on their devices. BTW, reading all these discussions, I went to a store to try our iPhone. And I put it down in about 5 seconds and know why? Because the bloody iPhone does not have prediction in its keyboard! Enough said...

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