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Submission + - Microsoft has it's own Linux finally - it's Bash on Windows ( 1

wolverine1999 writes: Looks like Windows with its Linux Subsystem is going to become a fully fledged Linux Distribution in its own right. Though there are still bugs on the way to get there, it's a promising concept.
WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux), known as Bash on Windows, is becoming a first-rate feature. It currently supports Ubuntu but will support other distributions in future.

Submission + - Censored by Facebook: Story linking Maria Divine Mercy to Cultist Little Pebble (

wolverine1999 writes: Following the Feb. 17 posting of the Roth 'Rant' article, Facebook has blocked all links to this article from Facebook pages and groups.
  Please help promote distribution of this webpage. In the latest update, Irish false seer Maria Divine Mercy's Business partner confesses: Mary Carberry is Maria Divine Mercy! Her empire is starting to dismantle. Also recently a connection between the false seer Maria Divine Mercy and the jailed cultist Little Pebble was revealed.
Why is Facebook censoring these revelations?


Comment Obligatory Battlestar Galactica post (Score 2) 160

Well it was Lee Adama who wrote it originally. It was copied so many times until the 15th century when the Galactica was changed into a wooden ark because the copiers thought the galactica was a boat.
And the CAG kept getting mentioned. (eg gollcag). So it must be their legacy after all and we are the cylons.

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