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Journal Journal: Wear your damn seatbelts!

Today I rolled my truck. I walked away with only a few scrapes. I probably would have been thrown out of the shattered side window and had the truck land on top of me had I not been belted in.

Moral: Seatbelts DO save lives, so always wear them

P.S. Trolling ACs can skip the seatbelts. No one likes them anyways ;P


Journal Journal: For once the MPAA got it right.....

The reason movie sales are down isn't because of piracy, it's because people see it, realize that it sucks, and tell their friends...

Maybe they've realized that most people who download movies will go see it in theatres or buy the DVD if they like it. The rest probably wouldn't have bought it anyways.

Just Announced: The CMPA (Crappy Movie Protection Act)
People are no longer allowed to say anything bad about a movie until the person they are talking to has already paid to see the movie.

I'm really not sure if that was a joke or not...Disney has a lot of congresspeople on their payroll...

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