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Comment Re:Space for solar hasn't been much of a concern (Score 1) 437

If only we had a way to predict when the sun would set...

Ah the use of subtle truth may not work well here :)

But this comment is so much on the money it's not funny. \

A mixed strategy of
      ramping up just before the lead time required to ramp up so there's no gap shock
      Realising that as night demand rises day facing business demand drops which means the gap may not b as large as thought
      Deploying capacitors in a way that they can take the load. Probably not here yet but what I've been reading is a molten sodium tower in a new or existing development fed by the solar , wind or whatever will reduce the overall need to ramp up at night.

Comment Re:just ban it (Score 1) 365

If it is so bad then why not ban tobacco? The problem with tobacco is that it is so widely available, making getting off the stuff so hard. I certainly would not visit a dealer to get illegal baccy.

The reality is that governments are addicted to the tax income. 11 billion a year in Australia.

Yes the tax take is attractive to governments. Unfortunately the tax take doesn't offset completely the cost to the system of illnesses caused by Tobacco.

Banning Tobacco outright would have to get past the lobby groups, a problem in Australia and apparently a bigger problem in the US, as well as the likelihood it would just spawn an unregulated black market. Differing Tax regimes in Australia has already spawned a black market moving tobacco products from a lower taxed state to a higher taxed state.

It may be the increasing tax cost on tobacco along with other measures are more effective in control than outright banning would ever be.

Comment Re:grandmother reference (Score 1) 468

It's really the only viable answer to piracy that's left and publishers are embracing it wholeheartedly.


It turns out that there's another answer to piracy that works: sell your product in a way that's easy to use at a reasonable price. Stop worrying about pirates and start worrying about customers. Someone who wouldn't buy your game anyway who pirates it is not a lost sale, but someone who can't be bothered to put up with your treating them like a criminal and so doesn't buy from you is. Buying a game from gog.com is easier than pirating and, if you factor in the cost of your time, probably cheaper as well.

Sorry you'll never progress in the content sales arena when you speak sense. The DRM touts will now attack your logic with utter bullshit.

Give me a product I want for a reasonable price and I will happily hand over my money, because I feel that I'm getting something valuable in return. Don't, and... well, computer games are not the only form of entertainment available.

More sense. The drones, human variety, are coming for you

Comment Re:Worst idea ever. (Well, one of them). (Score 1) 168

The problem is that in our society, we are bathed in countless stress-causing events which were not around during the millions of evolutionary years we spent not having to deal with 8 to 5 cubicle work, tax time, propaganda and traffic congestion when you're late. -Stressors which cannot be effectively dealt with by Fight or Flight responses.

It's useful to have some tools at our disposal when dealing with these (very) new day-to-day pressures.

Fair point as long as they aren't the whole of your arsenal. I read some creative wanker who claimed he never used adrenaline when creating cause it clouded the mind. Dimwit.

Comment Re:Worst idea ever. (Well, one of them). (Score 1) 168

The vagus nerve does a lot of really cool things which don't get a lot of appreciation.

Cats purr to self-stimulate it. That's what they're doing when they make that noise. And you can do it also. It orders the mind, creating calm and clarity. When you're affronted with terror or high emotion, "pipe breathe" and within half a minute, you're in the zone, able to think and react with calm precision to high-stress situations. And that's just *one* thing.

So yeah, let's allow big pharma to cyberman our core nervous apparatus for something as incredibly stupid as a weight loss gimmick.

Yeah of course in a critical scenario enhancing the flight response over the fight response is always going to have a good outcome.

Whilst you're purring yourself to calmness people who use both responses often make the right choice.

This concept some people have that adrenaline is only used by muscle bound idjits is somewhat amusing. At least evolutionary forces have an answer to the idjit response.

Comment Re:Article submitter BarbaraHudson (Score 1) 79

Wrong: BarbaraHudson cheats moderation by sockpuppets http://science.slashdot.org/co... and that is dishonorable and scumbaggish. Most could care less if BarbaraHudson was foolish enough to attempt to become a woman, which he/she is not by a long shot. Get real.

Attack the deed not the person. By attacking her gender choice you show yourself to be less than an idiot and certainly not brave enough to be a man.

Comment Re:If you can't eat it, don't put it on your skin. (Score 1) 75

Nonsense, malarkey, and hocus pocus. That's 5 links to articles, all of which make assertions that are not tested or are too vague to be easily testable.

"Putting chemicals on your skin is actually far worse than ingesting them.

Which chemicals? This statement could be true for some, and patently false for others. Ditto for all the stuff you said about the liver. (IANAD but I've taken biochem, so, come at me if you like)

That Dr. Hyman article is BS.... I can't believe how hard that fucking vaccine myth is to stamp out. THE RESEARCH WAS FRAUDULENT! (and abusive!)

Concerning autism and vitamin D, correlation and causation....

If I seem shrill about this, well, my brother is autistic, and I am extremely BS-averse.

"That which is asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence."

-Christopher Hitchens

Oh I like this person. Short, sharp and surgical.


Comment Re:Makes sense. (Score 1) 629

And somehow this is an acceptable situation?

"Too fucking bad buy a new phone" is not a proper response for a gaping security flaw. I hold Google accountable, as well as the handset manufacturers.

You forgot the Telcos who load Androids with 4.7 giga tons of useless shit then refuse to update the phone as it would be to expensive to update said shit no one wanted in the first place.

Thankfully I bought a unlocked phone so it now only has 2.3 gigatons of useless Google shit I never use.

Comment Re:It's sad (Score 1) 427

When a company moves from innovating to abusing its market share, it's usually not a good sign.

Except when you get a phone with an old version of Android and loads of proprietary bloatware 'innovation' the phone sucks in ways it would not suck if it just had the up-to-date integrated Google app suite and android versions.

In this instance, the more Google succeeds, the better the products are.

Wow your definition of better fails to match reality. Google crapware as a mandatory is not better.

Comment I'm sure quickflix does but ... (Score 1) 172

Given Village Roadshow and Foxtel apparently have our AG in their pockets, and Rupert baby owns our PM, I'm sure that many many millions will be spent trying to block VPN's.

Quickflix's two big problems are most of it's movies are on DVD mailed out and they are caught in the let's overcharge the Aussies mentality of the content providers so their offering is tiny.

Foxtel are trying to pretend to lower prices at the moment but are more interested in getting the govt to try the great firewall of Aus and harsh penalties for accessing content that doesn't have the 50+% surcharge they love.

Oh for the days when Governments were of the people and for the people rather than of the highest bidder for the highest bidder.

Comment Re:Time for new terminology (Score 1) 635

You jest but first it was global warming, then global cooling, than warming again and finally climate change. What it should be is "atmospheric CO2 level rise"


Instead we got decades of alarmist and bogus predictions. its no surprise that so many folks are so dismissive now.

The fact that it's not just a rise on CO2 or the fact that a growth in one season is not a trend is exactly what the deniers will batten on to as proof positive that human mediated climate change is not happening.

A large part of the denialists increasingly strident position is that there might be climate change happening but that humans have had little to no impact on it so continuing to burn fossil fuels won't have an impact.

I'd be fascinated to see the evidence that have been decades of alarmist and bogus predictions.

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