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Submission + - US Carriers Racing to Launch 5G Next Year (networkcomputing.com)

dkatana writes: T-Mobile and Verizon just joined the 5G race requesting special temporary authority (STA) licenses from the FCC to test millimeter band 5G services.

Verizon is concentrating on the 28 GHz band, working together with Ericsson, Intel, Qualcomm and Samsung, looking to launch limited 5G services by 2017 with a Samsung handset, Qualcomm chipset and network equipment from Ericsson.

T-Mobile will be testing the 28 GHz and 39 GHz bands to evaluate the performance of equipment from Nokia and Ericsson. Their immediate plans to offer the service have not been disclosed.

Last month AT&T requested the first 5G trial license to test several potential frequencies, 3.5GHz, 4GHz, 15GHz and 28 GHz, focusing more on IoT and other types of connectivity.

  5G technologies operating on the lower bands can provide long- range connectivity with extremely low latency, something necessary for the next generation of connected devices. It will also be critical for C2X (car to infrastructure communications), self-driving cars, and remote management of self-driving trains.


Comment Re:I can't decide... (Score 1) 360

And how do you think having someone do that to your body after you're dead would affect other people?

(Yes I think what happens for funerals is completely different. I think funerals are for the living not for the dead - it's a time set aside for people to come together to say goodbye.)

Comment Re:Not *totally* drug resistant (Score 3, Interesting) 346

I definitely agree that we should do massive researching into phages. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bacteriophage

problem is that big pharma won't do much with phages because they're naturally occurring which i think means no patents - so as soon as one has FDA approval, anyone can produce it,

I wish the government should give out grants to research phages - but big pharma would cry "unfair"

Comment Re:Not *totally* drug resistant (Score 5, Insightful) 346

The problem isn't using antibiotics to fight bacterial infections.

The problem is incorrectly using antibiotics, much of which comes from IGNORANCE and POVERTY
1) Ignorance: lack of education on how antibiotics work, and a frightening number of people stop taking the antibiotics as soon as they start feeling better - VERY BAD IDEA!

2) Poverty: medicines are expensive, and so people who are tight on money will "share" drugs, with other people to save on costs. This goes hand in hand with ignorance about how the drugs work.

The answer to this (and many other problems) is universal education and healthcare.

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