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Comment Re:Ain't no body got time for that (Score 1) 606

I live near a place that is pretty close to what you describe. I live in a townhouse within walking distance of a miniature "urban downtown" type area. This miniature downtown is close to a rail line to the city.

This whole area was developed more or less from scratch over the last 15 years. The end result has been pretty nice, and it's become a pleasant and desirable place. I do love it, and I think if more people tried this style of living they'd find it's a nice mix of the pluses of the suburbs and the city.

The downside is that it's NOT affordable. Now that the place is nice and pleasant, housing in this area is starting to be priced at a steep premium - well above average. I expect that to get worse as long as this area is successful.

Comment A rarely mentioned problem with LEDs (Score 1) 1146

There are a lot of LED proponents on here, poo-pooing critics. Some LED issues have been covered - they're more expensive, they have about durability.

Some have mentioned the problem where LED bulbs lifetime rating glosses over the fact that by the end of their "lifetime", LEDs will be 1/2 of their initial brightness.

But there's ANOTHER problem with LED durability. LEDs may also color shift, which some people might find very unpleasant. Especially if they paid a bunch of extra money for a "daylight" bulb, only to have it turn into something yellower than a regular one!

Bottom line: arguments that LEDs are the second coming because of their durability ignores a whole pile of potential pitfalls. They might color shift, they're still expensive, they dim over time, the shoddy Chinese electronics that drive them might crap out, and a lot of the savings might be eaten up due to the time value of money.

I'm not opposed to energy efficient bulbs. I've replaced 90% of the incandescents in my home with CFLs or LEDs. But people need to be realistic and sober when making claims about their value, and recognize that there are legitimate drawbacks! I think LED proponents risk alienating a lot of people, just as a lot of people were alienated by shoddy early CFLs that didn't live up to their promises.

Submission + - Greasy Sponge Slurps Up Oil (

MTorrice writes: A sponge that can’t absorb a single drop of water may seem like a dud. But if it readily soaks up oil, it could help clean up oil spills on water. Researchers now report a simple chemical method for turning a household sponge into one that absorbs only oil. The chemical treatment coats the sponge in a super oil-loving polymer, allowing the absorbent foam to sop up 20 times its dry weight in oil.

Comment Re:Back of envelope calculations (Score 2) 190

I think those number are quite plausible.

That's only an hour per day per account. Consider that accounts can be tied to multiple devices, and streamed from those devices simultaneously. That means accounts can be shared between more than one user quite effectively. Every household I know of that uses Netflix has a single account tied to multiple devices, with different people watching shows independently.

Additionally, the average American watches 2.8 hours of TV a day. That means that even if each account represented one average American, if just a third of their TV viewing was via Netflix, the numbers line up.

But, never fear! The SEC will be spending regulatory dollars to discern if these numbers are accurate or not, so we shall soon know for sure!

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