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Comment Re:Old news for Finland, too (Score 2, Informative) 420

Seems like your Finnish ISP has the censor list in use - that's the page you land on.

For all I know, you might be some guy who tries to enforce Lex Karpela or something, so I won't give you any advice to circumvent the restriction. Sorry for that. Google around and you're bound to find it out yourself.

Comment Old news for Finland, too (Score 5, Informative) 420

We've had this in Finland for a while now, too. See for internet activist Matti Nikki's fight against the debated censorship. OpenDNS is the de facto way to circumvent this censor list. Ironically, his site is blocked by the child porn list by our Keskusrikospoliisi (federal police).

Submission + - Server-driven RIA extensible in Java ( 2

jole writes: "IT Mill Toolkit enables one to build rich web user interfaces in pure Java using Swing-like API, run them in the server and use the result on any modern web browser without plugins. After one year extensive beta, IT Mill Toolkit 5.3.0 GA is released under Apache -license.

Developers can build rich web applications easily with Java on the server-side, much like creating regular desktop applications with Swing or AWT. There is no need to know anything about HTML, Ajax or JSON working under the hood. Unlike the client-side RIA frameworks, like GWT or Flex, where one needs to implement both server and client, in IT Mill Toolkit you only implement the server application.

While being an extensive framework for RIA development, it is just one JAR that you can drop into any Java Web project and use side-by-side with other frameworks. This is also the only server-side Java toolkit where the extensions to the framework are also created in pure Java. If the (fairly extensive) set of included widgets is not enough, developers can continue coding with Java on the client-side using GWT."

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