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Comment Pinboard? (Score 1) 177

I know a lot of you are confused at what IFTTT is, but I myself have heard of/use and know many, many people who know of and use it a lot. In comparison, I myself and no one I talked to has ever used or even heard of Pinboard. I just want to ask, while a lot of people were mostly confused by the IFTTT acronym, how many of you have even heard of Pinboard prior to this drama? Because to me it seems like Pinboard pretty much depends on services like IFTTT to be used often, if at all, because of IFTTT's popularity/functionality. And that Pinboard is just crying now because IFTTT wants them to comply with their API if they want to keep using their service. I do admit the whole giving up rights issue seems sketchy, but other than that it feels like Pinboard is just pissed because now their service will likely die out. I could be wrong though, Pinboard could be a service that's even more popular than IFTTT for all I know, I'm just saying I've heard of IFTTT a lot whereas I've never heard of Pinboard prior to this post.

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