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Comment Re:There are tradeoffs to both types (Score 1) 663

Again, it's a tradeoff. Matte screens, because they scatter/diffuse incident light, are less vulnerable to external light sources changing the color representation and throwing your calibration off. (It's the same reason most color calibration software lets you switch between various configurations, e.g. day/night/etc. based on how much external light is coming in to your office). Hence why they're used for monitors intended for calibrated work. But the emitted light is scattered as well and is not as pure when it reaches your eye. A tradeoff.

My main point is that all the scuttlebutt about glossy displays being cheaper to produce because they wash out colors is just misinformed. They each have their advantages and disadvantages, but the claims you sometimes read of grotesquely poor color representation on glossy displays for some undefined reason are not accurate.

Data Storage

Submission + - Whether to go with online or local backup (

Lucas123 writes: "With EMC purchasing online backup service, Mozy, buzz has swept through the IT industry about when and why IT should Web-based backup services. Computerworld's Jim Damoulakis points out that online backup can be useful, to fill gaps at the edge, but a determining factor will always be weighing acceptable service levels with cost."

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