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Submission + - Mountain View not ready to give up on Google TV ju (

MrSeb writes: "In spite of a mediocre launch caused by an overpriced device and low consumer adoption, Mountain View is attempting to breathe life into Google TV in the way of a major marketing push at CES 2012. By announcing partnerships with companies like Marvell and LG, and an effort to cut costs by switching to ARM architecture, Google is hoping to finally achieve the mass adoption it has been hoping for with the service. Is this a case of too little, too late?"

Comment Re:Sorry, but my New Year's resolution... (Score 1) 283

I totally agree with your sentiments, but none of my (6) blackberry phones have done any better. They require charging every night. (18hr standby is the advertised life for my bold). I'm still missing the 'good old days' when I would charge my phone once per week. Try to go camping for 3 days without a solar charger. 'Just turn it off when you aren't using it???' The blackberry boot time is as bad as any.

I'll try to bring up battery performance again this year at GoogleIO, but seems like no one really cares. 'Performance' means only frame-rate, screen resolution, and clock speed. Sigh

Comment Repetitio Est Mater Studiorum (Score 1) 1345

For some subjects, absolutely. I'm still wishing, however, that our local schools' science departments would emphasize the observation/experience connection to wonderment and hypotheses. Instead, we have a (very well ranked) system that focuses heavily on standardized tests (which is probably why they are ranked so high).

Comment Re:The ultimate irony (Score 1) 399

I have 1/4" tape I can't read, CD's that deteriorate over time, failed hard drives, etc.. Can I trust online services (e.g., Google/Picasa)? I also have 75 year-old B/W negatives that I can hold up to a lightbulb and see - even scan. There's something else about digital that disturbs me. Unless you run a forensics lab, there is no easy way to extract bits from outdated media. A cheap scanner will happily extract content from faded 'analog' prints and film though.

I chalk the popularity of digital media up to 'easy come easy go' - or laziness as a previous poster put it. It's easier to take a digital picture (and view it), but it's also much easier to destroy.

So knowing all this, what do I have? 11,000+ photos backed up up on multiple drives, because I'm tied to Apple Aperture at the moment. A few hundred on Picasa (at lower res), some on PhotoBucket. I also have boxes (acid free) of prints and negatives.

Where can I hire a librarian to sort this stuff out? :)

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