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Comment To quote the bard (Score 1) 107

According to Bruce Schneier, anybody can write an encryption algorithm that they cannot hack, but until the algorithm is published and "in the wild", that's as much as you can say about it. So yes, let us see the protocols, algorithms, and code and then we can say whether or not it is "unhackable". My guess... not very.

Comment Re:Voice over LTE (Score 1) 126

I knew that (I'm a wireless telecom professional and wireless tech instructor). It does add up though... So, are they just going to put our voice calls on the data plan, or still charge us per minute for the voice? Knowing cell phone providers as well as I do (too well, trust me), they are going to dick us both ways to Sunday. :-(

Comment Relationships (Score 1, Informative) 172

Software is all about relationships between different bits of code, structures (classes), and behaviors. There are tools that can take a bunch of code and turn it into graphical models that help understand better how this stuff works together and is related. The modeling language is called UML. One great tool I use is called Enterprise Architect from Sparx Systems (an Australian company). I frequently use it to generate UML models from source code in order to better understand it. It isn't expensive (full professional version for about $200USD), and you can get a full version on a 30-day free evaluation if you want. Go to for more information. They also have less expensive versions, student licenses, etc.

Comment Over my dead body! (Score 1) 449

I'll accept removal of my land line when the seas freeze over!

1. Cell phones don't work in our house (aluminum siding == Faraday Cage).
2. We would have to pay by the minute for every call we get, including spam calls.
3. Cell phones need a good battery to work - low battery == unable to call 911 for emergencies.

I can count on one hand the number of times in my life (66 years) when I couldn't make a phone call with a normal land line. I can count on at least 3 hands the number of times I couldn't make a call in the past week or two on my cell phone (thanks AT&T)...

So, if these boneheads at the providing phone comapnys do the following, I may change my position.

1. Guarantee universal cell access EVERYWHERE! (Right...)
2. Don't charge time for incoming calls, EVER.
3. Provide a backup emergency power supply (portable) so we can use our phones for emergency calls when the phone battery is dead.
4. Guarantee that #1 is available 24x365 with a SLA of 6+ sigma (99.9999+) percent of the time.

Until then, screw those money grubbing b'tards!

Comment BS-MS-PhD (Score 1) 370

We know what BS means. MS == More of the Same. PhD == More of the Same, just Piled Higher and Deeper! GA Tech is an accredited (and good) university. They won't let you into a Masters program without a BA or BS of some sore, and that means from an accredited institution. I would suggest that you do what my daughter is doing, and take as many courses (night or correspondance courses if necessary) from your local state college as you can (or can afford) until you get your BA/BS degree. Then, you will have your "credentials", value notwithstanding. Me, I am a non-degreed engineer, and a full member of the IEEE because of experience and recommendations from colleagues who have PhD's in the CS field (and have been university professors), and in one case is the current President of the IEEE-USA, Doctor Gary Blank. I have pretty much always been able to get a job that I applied for, but 30 years of experience, publications, and patents to my name have helped cross that divide. So, you can join the IEEE as an Associate Member (BS not needed - just adequate experience), get some recommendations from colleagues who are members and have serious credentials, and you also can become a full member. Since the IEEE ONLY accepts for full membership those with at least a BS, or experience and recommendations from members in good standing, this is a major leg up, so to speak.

Comment 1 user, 1 key (Score 1) 148

This is why such services that let users store data in their "cloud" should enable user-specific encryption keys - the user's public key encrypts the data, and ONLY the user's private key can decrypt it. Then if "authorities" want access to the data, they would have to ask each and every user for their key. Sure, as in I'm convinced I would do that!

Comment Time to upgrade your creds. (Score 1) 237

You might be lucky to get a position in a research institute and/or university, but without at least a masters degree that will be very difficult. My advice? Apply for a graduate program in your chosen field. With a doctorate, or at the least a masters degree, your chances are much higher to achieve your goals, though success is never guaranteed! :-) Good luck!

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