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Comment Re:What about MS's role in it's own decline (Score 1) 532

The virus is an old snake eating up corporate ressources since years inside MS - and her name is greed, stupidy, intolerance and lack of responsibility. The fish is stinking from the head since years, and everyone knows the name and the face of the stinkhead. Get rid of him, open up, create a new fresh image, real new visions, real new products, real leadership, real responsibility - and MS might be able to lead the world out of recession if well done.

Comment Thanks Linus For Telling Them (Score 1) 215

It is refreshing to still have some real humans among us, who do not need to carefully avoid touching corporate interests when it comes to expressing a personal opinion. The open source community needs to be told the straight truth from time to time, and personally I would not be offended if he would have used the same words to criticize my own work. Actually, I would have fun imagining myself being part of a group of masturbating monkeys. :-)

While we should try to talk friendly to users, a bit of humor and stronger expressions are the urgently needed salt'n peppa in a decent conversation between developers.

The IT security industry was always sick, but it managed to gain much more importance recently, because the world felt into a period of stupid fear some years ago. I really hope some day we can start to do constructive and serious security based on proven risk management principles and facts again.

What's feeding my wallet, is often not right, though.


Submission + - Euro 311,85 Remboursement For MS-Tax In France (

Chris Hildebrandt writes: "A French court decided yesterday that Acer had to pay back 311,85 for unused and unwanted pre-installed operating system + software to a guy who bought an 599, — notebook. Additionaly they had to pay 650, — for the time lost in court plus all court related costs.

Full story here: (French only at the moment, but the story will definitely hit English language news agencies later today)."

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