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Submission + - Republican States Most Hurt By Sub Prime Crisis (

wmajik writes: With the looming sub-prime crisis, data is starting to emerge that shows states which had majority votes for Republicans in the last two elections are also the ones seeing the highest rates of foreclosure. The subprime data is emerging as President Bush announced a package this month to assist those impacted by the mortgage crisis by freezing interest rates over a five year period. With nearly 45,000 calls days after announcing a foreclosure hotline, the subprime issue may emerge as yet another hurdle for candidates to tackle in the upcoming election.

Comment HAH! (Score 0) 128

You think this will let my employer figure out where that memory leak is coming from?! You can't trace me! I've got... TraceBuster!

(Ok that was seriously cheesy, but I relive the golden days of my youth by quoting movies with Marky Mark apparently. *sob*)

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