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Submission + - It's official: Dell to offer pre-installed Ubuntu

OSS_ilation writes: In a joint statement released today, Dell Inc. and Canonical Ltd. announced that Dell will now offer laptops and desktop computers pre-installed with Ubuntu Linux 7.04. The computers will be sold via Dell's web site, said Canonical's director of operations Jane Silber. "We have worked with Dell to get Ubuntu fully supported and fully certified on Dell hardware," she said. "Ubuntu has the full endorsement of Dell."

Submission + - OpenBSD 4.1 released.

reidhoch writes: "OpenBSD 4.1. has finally been released.This release features tons of new drivers, better support for sparc64, and lots more functionality. With only two remote holes in the default install in more than 10 years you really should check it out. Please user mirrors when downloading."

Submission + - SourceMason Code Generator Beta Released

HoleyDooley writes: "SourceMason is a new template-based code generator.

Templates can have properties of any type using the rich set of built in property editors, or through any of the .NET or custom built designers. SourceMason uses a simple syntax very similar to ASP.NET and therefore will be very familiar to most .NET developers.

SourceMason offers a feature rich IDE for code template development, which includes syntax highlighting, intellisense and code snippets. Complex code generation tasks can use sub templates, includes and custom assemblies. SchemaExplorer provides a generic interface to access schema information for all types of databases. It also provides a mechanism for the execution of generated database scripts."

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