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Comment This summary is about as useful as my comment (Score 1) 506

Whoever approved this or submitted it should have posting/approving privileges revoked. T\he beginning, middle, and end of the summary make very little sense and provide barely any value. The new learned shortcut is new, but one could have added that this feature will not work for Chrome running Incognito mode (as other bloggers have pointed out).

Comment Collecting Sales Tax (Score 1) 949

One of the issues with forcing a company like Amazon to collect sales tax in all 50 states is that states have weird sales tax laws. For example, in Iowa the sales tax is different depending on the county. So a customer who orders a part in one county has to have X amount of sales tax collected from him. A customer who lives in another county, might have a different. This is hard enough to do in Iowa, but doing it in all 50 states, plus maintaining these tax tables (I am assuming every state is different in regards to taxing shipping costs, etc). I am not against taxes, but the more hurdles we put in front of commerce, the more we will hurt entrepreneurship.

Comment Rent To Own (Score 5, Insightful) 510

Many people are taking an arrogant view of these people and there math skills. Yet those same people leaving comments live in houses they couldn't afford to buy outright. They drive cars, they can't afford either. I think most people use the Rent-To-Own because of cash-flow problems, not stupidity. Remember, it only takes one major emergency to help you lose everything. Don't laugh or look down upon these people.

Submission + - Google to build $600M data center in Western Iowa (

wlandman writes: "Google will build a $600 million data center in western Iowa, Gov. Chet Culver announced Tuesday. The Internet leader has already begun construction on a 55-acre site in Council Bluffs, across the Missouri River from Omaha, Neb. The center is expected to create about 200 jobs with an average salary of about $50,000."

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