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Comment Re:Pay-for-Play PR on Slashdot (Score 1) 29

Thanks for covering this. It appears other tech blogs such as Phoronix like to ignore Vivante, but their market share has increased a lot over the last year, mainly thanks to Freescale and Huawei.

I'm a bit sad that my blog post on GC2000 OpenCL is being used to bash Vivante. Many of the problems I encountered were due to drivers, not hardware limitations. They were still taming LLVM at the time. And you simply cannot expect the same performance and features from a mid-range embedded project as from desktop. There are very different power and area constraints. No one has done Mobile OpenCL right yet.

At least the Vivante GPUs have a straightforward, scalable, even desktop-like architecture. See Rob Clark's XDC slides , Not a bag of hacks such as PVR (which look good in benchmarks but are a hell to work with), so there is hope of better drivers being developed, either the open source drivers we're working on, or through improvements in Vivante their own drivers.

Comment Re:HTTPS (Score 1) 379

Well, I guess it's worse because in that case they are circumventing a protection measure (encryption, digital signature), and impersonating some other site. I agree this is a legal grey area too, who knows who'd win if Google/Microsoft decided to sue.

Comment Re:Bullshit and Dropbox (Score 1) 250

I think you misunderstand. The tool never allowed to store more than your quota worth of files. The files "teleported" into your account still counted as normal files. They also have to be in someone elses folder at the moment that dropship is used. Their problem with it that it would make illegal file sharing easier, and they didn't want to run the risk to be associated with that. It's simple as that.

Comment Re:Don't understand (Score 1) 250

Yeah that'd be funny. But they use 256 bit hashes.
Let's say all their 25 million users have 50GB of files hosted (an enormous exaggeration) that'd be 312500000000 4MB blocks.
That makes a 2.7e-66 chance of guessing a hash that matches (part of) an actual file. So you could keep guessing until the sun died without getting anything :P

Comment Bullshit (Score 5, Informative) 250

Hi, I'm the person why wrote dropship. This thread is completely bogus, as there were no DMCA requests issued at all. They mailed me and asked me nicely to take the code down from github, which I did.

The DMCA confusion is because they stopped a file from being shared on their own service, which generated a silly mail that a DMCA request had been received from themselves and hence a file was taken down. The blogger confused this with a DMCA request (and corrected it afterwards, but it seems slashdot missed this).

So can we cut it with the flamebait title?

Comment Re:CUDA EC2 cluster (Score 1) 217

Sure, computationally difficult, but my point was that it's also conceptually very simple and terribly, terribly uncreative. Hardly worth of a slashdot article. Let's wait for some real applications, it has enormous potential in areas such as real time raytracing, neural networks, real time video stream analysis, and so on.

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