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Comment Re:speculating about the real purpose (Score 1) 239

you know.... well.... I just don't know how to respond to this. You spend too much time on the internet formulating theories. Actually that should read, absorbing other people's theories. Yes, China is doing well right now. It probably is not from an overarching scheme to take over the world. Look at Japan in the eighties. They did well. Maybe China is doing well because they are making some right decisions. The are fucked up in many ways but they seem to be figuring stuff out economically. This is not a bad thing. Jingoistic shit like the tripe you are spewing just doesn't make any sense. Look at how dependent they are on our economy. You might want to look up, "THE FUCKING REAL WORLD AND HOW IT WORKS."

Submission + - Carlson Sues IBM for Outsourcing Fraud (

An anonymous reader writes: Cutting off a deal at the halfway point, Carlson is suing Big Blue for not living up to the outsourcing hype. IBM is denying any wrongdoing. It would be a huge black eye for IBM if Carlson wins the suit. It could also start a wave of lawsuits for disgruntled companies paying more for outsourcing than they bargained for.
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Submission + - SPAM: Big step for IPv6: Comcast starts trials

alphadogg writes: Comcast will begin in April a series of public trials of three different mechanisms that are aimed at helping the Philadelphia-based ISP transition its network to IPv6, the next-generation Internet Protocol. Comcast announced that it is starting IPv6 production-level network trials on its blog on Wednesday. The carrier has been working on IPv6 development for five years. Comcast needs IPv6 because the Internet is running out of address space using its current protocol, which is known as IPv4. IPv4 uses 32-bit addresses and can support around 4 billion IP addresses. More than 90% of IPv4 addresses have been distributed to ISPs and other network operators. Comcast plans to complete its transition to IPv6 in 2012, which is when the last IPv4 addresses are expected to be allocated.
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Comment Re:New Definition of Human Rights (Score 4, Informative) 331


(But Eka and the other judges concluded that simply endorsing the principles of copyright law was no grounds for disqualification in a trial; copyright was written into Swedish law, and judges can't be called "biased" simply because they support existing laws.
"The Court of Appeal has come to the conclusion that none of the circumstances set out, individually or taken together, means that there are legitimate doubts about the judge's impartiality in this case. There has not been any bias," concluded the court. The decision cannot be appealed")

Imagine the hideous analogies we can come up with. Judge A belongs to the bar association. Can he rule on lawyer misconduct? I am playing devil's advocate here and like I said I don't agree with the decision. I hope they win their appeal but I think human rights violation is a tad overboard. They still have their appeal.

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