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Comment Re:Atheism. (Score 1) 615

Disbelife in Santa Claus, trolls under bridges and the Tooth Fairy is not generally considered religions.

Since various definitions of the term "religion" exists, we will probably not agree on it
- and your mentioning of the tooth fairy suggests a biased view on the term ;-)

I will however quote the first sentence on Wikipedia:
"A religion is a set of beliefs and practices, often centered upon specific supernatural and moral claims about reality, the cosmos, and human nature, and often codified as prayer, ritual, and religious law."

A religion does not have to have a deity.
Therefore believing that god(s) does not exist is in my opinion as much a religion as e.g. Buddhism.

But I do agree that most people do think of atheism as a non-religion.

Submission + - AMD Unveils New Affordable Radeon Graphics Cards (

MojoKid writes: "AMD is officially unveiling the Radeon HD 3650 and the Radeon HD 3450 / 3470 today, which are based on their new 55nm RV635 and RV620 GPUs, respectively. Like the RV670 that came before them, the RV635 and RV620 are competitively priced DirectX 10.1 compliant GPUs (think sub $100) that offer full UVD (unified video decoder) support. Built on the same advanced 55nm manufacturing process technology, these new cards should drop in cost effectively and with cool-running thermal characteristics."

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