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Comment Re:Postscript (Score 1) 381

Postscript COULD work pretty easily in windows. It seems like the printer manufacturers feel that HAVE to supply whiz-bang-flashy interfaces to everything.. But seriously PSCRIPT5.DLL should be on windows machines (at at least is on XP and XP64). This can be associated with a PPD file via an INF driver definition file. This would be a type-3 printer driver (not the new fangled we want to XPS type-4 drivers). By doing this, got the more important features of my lexmark laser printer working including duplexing via my CUPS server on XP64. The problem.. is that most manufacturers don't provide this kinda of minimal INF + PPD.. This means... Writing the INF file yourself. Ikky.

Comment Re:Well if they getting comcast tv as well then (Score 1) 300

I think this is worth while to consider. I have to admit, the "connected to phone lines" seemed odd me, I didn't see how that would give enough bandwidth for an AP nor why do something such large scale if the system is generally working. Unless they just want to upgrade the system from say G to N, the parent offers a reasonable explanation to an odd (to me) situation.

Comment Re:Affordable (Score 1) 685

I've seen this too. I like desktops, allot of motherboard have enough for most use cases on board. Aside from heat issues in a laptop form factor, desktops are almost laptops anyway. If seem if something goes work with you are just replacing the mobo anyway. Discrete Video? For Games and CAD then it's really nice to be able to upgrade it. I have upgraded/hacked laptop video before, but you might need an "upgraded" power adapter. Harddisk aren't that much an an issue if you go with 3.5 inch drives but I think the 7200rpm drive I upgrade to uses more power than the 5400 one that was replaced (maybe my imagination), but with SSD coming around... Network Card? really only if you need 4-8 port cards. That said, I do like interchange able NIC so that I can choose the chipset or replace it, I have an old 3c509 which I've used for 10 years those cards seemed to be a reliable like the sun rising. Alternatively I like the Intel offerings. But really, realtek or whatever does work. A few people still use modem (believe it or not, like my parents) but the software modems are nothing now. They aren't even 1/2 height more like 1/4 height. Sound? Well I like discrete hardware support for sound fonts and midi, I wish timidity was a bit more natural to setup in windows though, but really aside from that or full midi support if you need better sound, just ship it out over the optical port to a out of box piece of equipment to convert it to sound there instead of inside the firguratively "noisy" insides of a computer. This pretty much leaves removable optical drives.... Maybe the desktop will still be around, but if we can get smaller standard factor drives, cards, video cards and AC/DC adapters for most people the desktop need only be a double thick (1-1.5U?) laptop (if you have the monitor attached) with a few replacable parts; CPU/memory/HD/CD. Honestly that is still very portable, unlike the portable computers of old.

Comment Re:NO! (Score 1) 498

No no no. He is not the the BOFH. he's much too tame. A true BOFH, wouldn't even argue with you, he might even let you use your system. But in the end, he'll extort both you (perhaps using doctored up nude photos of you with your fake lover which he could send to your wife) and the company to get you sit under his thumb all while making a profit!

Comment Re:frosty piss (Score 1) 124

Actually I supported them for quiet some time and did buy a couple Loki games before they died. With Cedega, It was clear that people would only vote on the latest great games, which was great, but it was always a moving focus in my opinion and seems like a bad way to go unless you had tons to developers. Then it seemed like the subscriber community would berate anyone that voted for stuff like "work on old games", so I stop supporting them, and left the "ooo shiny people" to the fruits of their labors. I would prefer things get done well then leave everything half done, but maybe that was just my perception at the time.

Comment Theif Games (and Deadly Shadows) (Score 1) 156

Theif and Thief 2 will run on XP at least. 2 summers ago I played through 1-3 On my laptop.

However some notes:

      * For Nvidia Cards: You'll have to find the hacked binaries for theif 1 to get it run. Something about a bug with reported texture memory I think. Theif 2, I believe had a config setting for it.
      * For Multi Core CPUs (or multiple CPUs, or hyper threads), 1-2 (I can remember about 3) rely on low-level cpu values for timing loops. If it switches CPUs at the wrong time, the game freeze. You'll need a utility to set the CPU affinity or set it from the task manager so that the proc runs on exactly 1 CPU (any one but only one).
      * EAX works fine if you have a sound that supports it.

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