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Comment Re:Again? (Score 1) 251

If you don't copy the market leader, you are dismissed out of hand.

Did Apple copy the market leader when they released the first iPod? Did they copy the market leader when they released the iPhone? Or the iPad? Or the MacBook Air?


Yes...they did.

Comment Re:Fusion = Boondoggle Pipe Dream (for now anyway) (Score 2) 149

I agree. While I do think that fusion power is worth researching, it should be a long term research project. LFTR is a "right now" project that will yield immediate results. Oak Ridge National Laboratories had a working LFTR reactor back in the 60s. We could have LFTR up and running on a global scale in 10 years if we could get just a little funding for it, say 1 billion dollars, which is a fraction of what has been spent so far on Fusion so far with no practical application yet.

Here's the primer on LFTR called "Thorium in Five Minutes" it's a good watch.

Here's a link to the Thorium petition.

Comment Re:So long and thanks for all the...posts (Score 1) 1521

I've been reading Slashdot since I started at my first dot.com as their IT manager way back in 1999, and I still look at it every day.

Thanks for all the great posts Rob and I'm definitely going to miss choosing you as the "other" choice in all the polls.

Take care and good luck!


And wouldn't you know it...I wasn't logged in when I posted this. sigh

Comment Re:The answer is, of course... (Score 2, Insightful) 319

"You're right that Baidu probably beat Google by offering free searches for piracy sites. If you stop with the copyright maximalist viewpoint for a minute, that's exactly what you'd expect in a free-market situation."

This has nothing to do with a free-market. A free market says you have the choice to either make something or not make something, and also, the choice to purchase something or not purchase something. Doesn't say anything about the right to steal something, or in the case of Baidu, aid you in stealing something.

What if Baidu helped me find all your bank account numbers and I "downloaded" all your money? How would you feel about their service then?

Comment Re:getting myself a glass of iced tea (Score 1) 605

My thoughts exactly!!! Let them come in and compete fairly with the rest of us.

This will also give them less of a reason to eventually leave the US, go home and set up competing companies back in their home countries, using all the knowledge they gained while working as an indentured servant in the US.

Comment What's a "smart phone"??? (Score 1) 214

Depends on what you call a "smart phone."

Japanese phones have been way ahead of American phones in terms of advanced features for years. They regularly make purchases right from their phone using "smart wallet" functions, something even the iPhone lacks.

So I take this news with a HUGE grain of salt.

I'm not doubting that the iPhone is popular in Japan, but when you consider that almost all phones in Japan could reasonably be called "Smart Phones" then I don't think that the iPhone represents 40% of that market.

Comment Fusemail (Score 1) 601

I had this very same issue two years ago. I did some searching around and after a long comparison to the Email only providers that I found, Fusemail came out on top by a mile. They are cheap, storage is cheap and they have awesome features! I've been very happy with them and hope they never go out of business! I've even suggested them to several small businesses and these business are using them and very happy with Fusemail as well. Give them a look. www.fusemail.com

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