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Comment ... because physicians are all always up to date?? (Score 2) 200

Seriously - how many physicians, even among the specialists, keep themselves up to date on the latest research? Many of them do, many of them are passionate, geeky about what they do, and in their spare time they'll be reading up on the latest research, they'll go to conferences, etc., like a passionate geeky programmer would. But many, and i'd say most, just don't. Their knowledge is whatever they were taught. And that wasn't necessarily the state of the art at the time they graduated - that depends on how up to date their *teachers* were.
So, yeah, wikipedia might be misleading; it might be out of date in certain places - in many places, even. But i don't necessarily think your physician will be more up to date. And i'm not sure how to fix that, either, because they *should* be!

Journal Journal: Xubuntu 6.06 on a Thinkpad 380XD

The electric acid grandma test: My mother has been wanting to get on the Internet and send emails for a while now. Since neither she nor I knew if she'd like having a computer, I wanted to get something cheap. And since she didn't have a lot of space to spread out, a laptop was preferable. Looking through the classifieds, I found someone selling an IBM Thinkpad 380XD computer for $100: PII 233 MHz, 95 MB RAM, CD-ROM and floppy drives, and a USB port. Not bad for a starter system where

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