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Comment Silly question- are there any around anymore? (Score 2) 178

Is there a working PCjr anywhere in the world today? I know there are working Commodore 64s, for example, but is there a working PCjr anywhere in America right now?

(I know, silly question, but think of it. I have a 20-year TV that shows no sign of stopping. Is there a working PCjr anywhere? It's not like it was ever beloved like the C64 or an Apple did anyone take care of one?)


Submission + - ISP "six strikes" plan delayed (

MrSeb writes: "Shortly, a new system in the US will allow your ISP to give you gradually sterner warnings and possible punishment if you download copyrighted material. The Copyright Alerts System (CAS) — more commonly known as the “six strikes” policy, after the number of warnings users receive — is coming. Soon. Any minute now. Really. But it’s not here yet, even though several news outlets — including CNN — said the system would go online yesterday, Thursday. Speaking to the Daily Dot, a press contact for the six strikes system says: 'We do not intend to launch until we are confident that the program is consumer friendly. We expect our implementation to begin later this year, with each of the ISPs launching at potentially overlapping but different times.' This is the second time the six strikes plan has been delayed — it was originally meant to be implemented in late 2011. The six strikes system is officially helmed by an industry coalition called the Center for Copyright Information (CCI), which was created by the MPAA and RIAA. It counts the U.S.’s five top ISPs under its umbrella: AT&T, Cablevision, Comcast, Time Warner Cable, and Verizon."

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