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Comment Re:Revert? (Score 1) 226

What would be even more cool is if the software could "put it back" the look of the original picture. Obviously that would not be possible for some edits...but maybe for some of the airbrushing and such done on models?

The algorithm would go something like this: Shrink the upper chest by 50%, widen the waist, hips and legs. Add some wrinkles to the skin, and remove the lightest color streaks from the hair. This does sound oddly like a shar pei dog now, but close enough.

Comment Re:Should X be mandatory? (Score 1) 861

Or more likely, just refuse to collect garbage with substantial compostable materials.

We have a composing program here and it works fine. As a Canadian, the standard selfish American "fuck that shit" response to this kind of stuff is always humorous. I mean my god.. when you eat a banana, you toss the peel into a different bin. Tiny bit of effort, huge benifits to everyone! American response: "HAWR I PAY TAXES WHY SHOULD I HAVE TO DO THAT SHIT!!"

I would love to read your source for selfish American responses, as I'm not up to date and regularly dissapoint Canadians with my non-stereotyped American responses. I've only been composting for the last 15 years, but what good is my response, for I'm an American.

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