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Comment Sky is Falling! (Score 0) 620

Really. Isn't this getting old and tired.

Yes the climate is changing.
Yes it's caused by Humans.
No it can't be fixed.

It is impossible to change or reverse. Sorry - we can't stop murdering each other as it is. How can we stop global warming? Answer. We can't.

Just plan for the inevitable and stop screaming the sky is falling. O.L.D. F.*.C.K.I.N.G. N.E.W.S.


Comment Which is why you don't get a good job from an ad (Score 1) 292

The last job I got from a cold ad was 22 years ago. I have had 9 jobs since then. Every one of them I got through the hidden job market (was never advertised) and through close people and direct contacts in my network. I never had any unreasonable requirements and I knew exactly whether my skills fit the bill or not after a 5 minute conversation.

If you want a good job, bypass HR and talk direct to hiring managers. The way to do that is to know someone who is hiring through your network. Yes. use your network.

Otherwise your just another number in the crowd and stacks of resumes and will never get past the HR screening unless your overqualified for the job and then you probably don't want it anyways because you will be bored.

Comment Back to fundamentals (Score 1) 694

1. Use gold for money.
2. Shut down the Federal reserve and ban fractional reserve banking practices.
3. Shut down IRS and eliminate income tax.
4. Reduce the military to a maximum size no greater than the next largest military on the planet and station it inside US borders never to leave.
5. Reform Copyright limits to it's original timeframe (eliminate MM laws).
6. Reform patents to it's original requirements (you must build a working physical device that represents the patent).
7. Eliminate any laws governing the behavior and rights of corporations. Specifically remove any law that deems the rights of a corporation equivalent to an individual.
8. Ban campaign contributions. Allow campaigns for public office to occur for two days and only the two days before the election. Candidates pay for their own campaigns out of their own pocket.
8. Implement a term limit for _all_ public servants, elected officials and government employees to no greater than 6 years.

Good luck with anything less. You'll just be another re-branded statist party and you might as well run for office as a republican or democrat (either will work for you).


Submission + - Malicious QR Codes On Traffic-Heavy Locations (

Orome1 writes: "QR codes are very handy for directing users to specific sites by simply scanning them with their smartphones. But the ease with which this technology works has made it also a favorite of malware peddlers and online crooks, which have taken to including QR codes that lead to malicious sites in spam emails. They have also begun using the same tactic in the physical world, by printing out the malicious QR codes on stickers and affixing them on prominent places in locations where there is a lot of foot traffic. According to Symantec Hosted Services director Warren Sealey, these locations include airports and city centers, where the crooks stick them over genuine QR codes included in advertisements and notices, and most likely anywhere a person might look and be tempted to scan them."

Comment IL - Nothing to write home about (Score 1) 821

Only one other voter voting. I guess everyone know Obama will win his home state so low turnout.

All I had to do is sign. They compared my signature with one on file. No ID required.

Only voted for president and against every govt. program. Most local positions had only one candidate running (WTF?) so they didn't need my vote anyways.

Yawn. Nothing to report from Ill Annoy . . .

Comment Simple fix (Score 1) 98

All biometrics can be fooled if the biometric sensor system alone is all you are using for the security.

Biometrics only uniquely identifies a person. You still need another person (security guard, for example) or technology (detect a live human being and/or a real eye) to verify it is a person that provides the biometric input. This is to prove an actual person is there.

Until someone switches eyes out (improbable) or finds a way to implant the iris image of another individuals eye within their own eye (improbable) a security person can verify an eye is actually being scanned by the biometric scanner. Add an independent security feature (ID, password, etc.) and it's a pretty darn good security system.

Comment One Word . . . . (Score 4, Interesting) 157


It seems the power of porn and technology has been underestimated over and over.

Porn drove the Video Cassette business and is probably responsible for VHS defeating the superior Beta format.

It is also probably responsible for the huge early popularity of the Internet.

Barring backlash from prudish regulators this move can't be underestimated . . .

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