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Comment Why should airports have different securit? (Score 1) 307

I can't understand the focus of increasing security in airports, or at train or bus stations. Hospitals, shopping malls, places of worship are all even more porous as far as targets go and most people frequent them far more often than getting on a plane. As a consultant that's not the case for me, but I'd still like to see security streamlined (largely removed) at airports.

So why all the focus on travel? Because increasing government security at these points allows control and tracking of its citizens. It has little to do with actual safety...

Comment Re:Incomplete sampling (Score 1) 212

Neither major party cares about anything a slashdotter does, so if you vote thinking they do then...yeah. If you're just voting for the lesser of two evils, then I understand, but still have little respect for your position. A democan/republicrat it doesn't matter who wins (or loses) so you might as well vote your conscience!

Comment Incomplete sampling (Score 5, Informative) 212

"That's the sobering finding based on transcripts from the remaining presidential candidates, all of whom came out against cryptography"

I call BS! Find a Libertarian candidate who supports this...oh you meant one of the media authorized duopoly? Then, of course; there is no difference between them.

Gary Johnson 2016!

Comment Inspiring! (Score 1) 208

I saw Evan give this presentation at HouSecCon last month and I've been telling everyone to watch it since. I'm not a rah-rah kind of person, but after Evan finished, I wanted to save the world...but I didn't know what was attacking it...so I felt like attacking it and saving it from myself. Oh, and I had an odd urge to plagiarize Hoyt Axton.

Comment Dual Homed Hosts (VirtualBox +1) (Score 1) 361

I could never get any of the free versions of VMWare to work properly with my dual-homed test machine (I have eth0 connected to the Internet and eth1 connected to my lab). I wanted to run security testing VMs,like BackTrack against my lab network. VirtualBox had no problem assigning either of the network adapters. I use it almost exclusively now.

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