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Submission + - Canadian teen locates lost Mayan city using stars and satellite data (

wired_parrot writes: William Gadoury, a Grade 10 student at Académie Antoine-Manseau in Joliette, became interested in Mayan civilization in 2012 and wanted to understand how the Mayans chose where to build their cities."The Mayans were extremely good builders, but they often built in places that made little practical sense — far from rivers, far from fertile areas. It seemed strange for a civilization that was so intelligent"
Gadoury studied 22 Mayan constellations and found that when they were overlaid on a map they matched the placement of 117 known cities. But a 23rd constellation was incomplete. "I realized then that one city hadn't been discovered," he said. Using satellite data from Google Earth, he found evidence of Mayan pyramids in the predicted location. Presented with the evidence, the Canadian Space Agency assisted by providing higher quality images which appears to confirm the findings.
A ground search is now planned to confirm or deny the existence of the Mayan city.

Submission + - Rumours spread Zika misinformation war (

wired_parrot writes: While the link between the Zika virus and microcephaly is still being investigated, studies support a link between Zika and microcephaly. Nevertheless, the difficulty in proving the link has led rumours and theories to spread along with fear of the disease.

One theory in particular being spread by the anti-GMO argentine group Physicians in the Crop-Sprayed Villages has caused consternation among scientists. The group blames larvicides and pesticides being used to combat the mosquito, in particular pyriproxyfen, for being responsible for the increase in microcephaly. This in turn, has led some regions in Brazil to stop using the larvicide just when it is most needed to control the mosquito. Even celebrities like George Takei are joining in the anti-insecticide bandwagon, threatening to derail Zika control efforts.

Submission + - Ashley-Madison hack claims first victims (

wired_parrot writes: Toronto police are reporting that 2 unconfirmed suicides have been linked to the data breach. This follows pleas from other users of the site for the hackers to not release the data before it was exposed- an anonymous gay Reddit user from Saudi Arabia, where homosexuality is illegal, pleaded for the data to be kept private: "I am about to be killed, tortured, or exiled," he wrote. "And I did nothing". And when The Intercept published a piece condemning the puritanical glee over the data dump, one user whocommented on the article said she's been "a long term member" of the site because her spouse's medical condition has affected their intimate life. Her spouse knows she's engaged with other Ashley Madison members, she says, but now fears she will likely lose friends and have to find a new job now that her association with the site is out there.

Submission + - Favourite paper size? 3

wired_parrot writes: Favourite paper size?
- Legal
- Letter
- A4
- B3
- Folio
- Quarto
- Broadsheet
- Foolscap
- Index Card

Submission + - Faulty iPad app grounds dozens of airplanes (

wired_parrot writes: Having completely converted from using paper charts and manuals to an electronic flight bag, American Airline pilots faced a glitch on the iPad application used by pilots which forced it to ground dozens of flights. Some airplanes were forced to return to the terminal to print out paper copies of the flight charts needed.

Submission + - Uber shut down in multiple countries following raids (

wired_parrot writes: Worldwide raids were carried out against Uber offices in Germany, France and South Korea. In Germany, the raids followed a court ruling banning Uber from operating without a license. In Paris, raids followed an investigation into deceptive practices. And in South Korea, 30 people, including Uber's CEO, were charged with running an illegal taxi service.

Submission + - Ubisoft's newest video game requires a prescription (

wired_parrot writes: Ubisoft, in partnership with McGill university, has developed a game designed to treat lazy eye. The game works as a treatment by training both eyes using different levels of contrast of red and blue that the patient sees through stereoscopic glasses. It is hopeful that the new treatment will bring a more effective way of addressing a condition that affects 1-5% of the population.

Submission + - HBO developing Asimov's Foundation trilogy as tv series (

wired_parrot writes: Jonathan Nolan, writer of Interstellar and The Dark Knight, and producer of the "Person of Interest", is teaming up with HBO to bring to screen a new series based on Isaac Asimov's Foundation series of books. This would be the first adaptation of the Hugo award winning series of novels to the screen.

Submission + - Warner Brothers announce slew of DC comics movies (

wired_parrot writes: After being criticized for being slow to respond to Marvel's string of blockbuster superhero movies, Warner Brothers finally announced their plan for DC comic universe movie franchise. Yesterday at their annual shareholder meeting, WB announced 10 DC comics movies. The studio has unveiled an ambitious schedule that features two Justice League films, plus standalone titles for Wonder Woman, Flash, Shazam (Captain Marvel), Green Lantern, Cyborg and even Aquaman. Also announced were plans for 3 Lego movies and a three-part Harry Potter spinoff.

Submission + - First man to walk in space reveals how mission nearly ended in disaster (

wired_parrot writes: Nearly fifty years after the first spacewalk by soviet cosmonaut Alexei Leonov, he's given a rare interview to the BBC revealing how the mission very nearly ended in disaster. Minutes after he stepped into space, Leonov realised his suit had inflated like a balloon, preventing him from getting back inside. Later on, the cosmonauts narrowly avoided being obliterated in a huge fireball when oxygen levels soared inside the craft. And on the way back to Earth, the crew was exposed to enormous G-forces, landing hundreds of kilometres off target in a remote corner of Siberia populated by wolves and bears.

Submission + - Facebook facing exodus of users to new social network (

wired_parrot writes: Despite criticisms of its privacy policy and intrusive advertising, Facebook has managed to retain its users and maintain its spot as the top social network. Now, however, it appears that a new social network has exploded in popularity with a large numbers of Facebook users migrating over. The move appears to be spearheaded by artists, performers, and the LGBT community, dissatisfied with Facebook's policy on using real names. Ello, as the new social network is called, promises a pro-privacy stand and to remain ad-free, a claim it emphasizes in its manifesto. Can Ello succeed in dethroning Facebook?

Submission + - Planes can be hacked via inflight wi-fi, says researcher (

wired_parrot writes: In a presentation to be shown Thursday at the Black Hat conference, cybersecurity consultant Ruben Santamarta is expected to outline how planes can be hacked via inflight wi-fi. Representatives of in-flight communication systems confirmed his findings but downplayed the risks, noting that physical access to the hardware would still be needed and only the communication system would be affected.

Submission + - Thai police: we'll get you for online social media criticism (

wired_parrot writes: After a leading protester of the recent military coup in Thailand made several critical posts in Facebook criticizing the military takeover, Thailand's Technology Crime Suppression Division tracked his location through his IP address and promptly arrested him.. The arrested was meant to send a message to Thailand's online community. Said the police: "I want to tell any offenders on social media that police will come get you".

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