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Comment Re:inebriated hillbillies (Score 1) 70

And as long as stupid merchants continue to sell stuff at a loss, Amazon will be there. We were invited to be one of Amazon's earliest 3rd party vendors. They wanted 30% of the sale price, including shipping. We would have broken even, at best.

Put greedy, selfish customers who care nothing about where they spend their money, with greedy, short-sighted vendors who are more interested in short term sales than long term profits, and voila! Amazon profits!

Comment It'll happen, if it isn't happening already (Score 1) 228

People already submit to letting their employers test their blood and pee for whatever substances the employer chooses. They also let their employers check their credit. Most people don't give a shit about any sort of privacy. They just want what they want, and they want it NOW. Heck, I'm surprised that DNA testing of employees isn't happening already.

Comment Re:Holy flamebait batman! (Score 1) 909

This is not a technology issue, or even a science issue. This is an economics issue, and a monetary issue.

"News for Nerds". There are lots of nerds that don't have anything to do with science or technology. There are even economics nerds. So, stuff it.

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