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Comment Re:Cherry picking data, you say? (Score 0, Troll) 557

Oh, please. "Citizen journalists" are citizens without the training or knowledge to be journalists. The "biased MSM" garbage is largely just that: garbage. Shove it up your ass. Assholes like you either believed the Trump bullshit, or encouraged other and/or encouraged other dim bulbs to believe that bullshit, putting us in the horrible place we are in now.

Human-caused global warming is a serious problem.

Comment Re:A step towards irrelevance... (Score 1) 253

losing faith about the integrity of a product

There's nothing in this article about advertisers "losing faith in the integrity of a product". On the contrary, I think that more advertisers that can pay for more than dick pill ads will spend more money with these platforms. The "retards" that I was referring to are the shitty part of the product that these companies are planning on ejecting. Sure, they can make money selling dick pills and insurance scams to these people, but they're more trouble than they're worth. It's long past time to get out of that market, and leave it to somebody else. It's bringing the value of their brand down, at the very least.

Comment Re:Just treating the symptoms (Score 1) 253

Deep and wide-spread currents of dissatisfaction run at the root of terrorism's growth. We need to acknowledge the tremendous psychological pressures that lead to terrorism, and we need to begin healing the social, political, and spiritual disenfranchisement that our societies create. A good place to start would be in our schools, with promoting the principles of individualism, autonomy, open-mindedness, compassion, and the Golden Rule. A generation raised on these values just might stop pissing off other nations so much that they fly airplanes into our skyscrapers. Sadly, the public schools are in fact religious schools, and the high priests of corporatism will never let this happen. They have too much invested in the powerlessness of the citizenry - their Ponzi scheme of an economic structure relies on it.

That's not it at all. We have an uneducated populace that keeps voting to gut our schools. That's how we got to Trump, and that's where things will continue to go unless something else dramatically changes.

Comment Re:A step towards irrelevance... (Score 1) 253

The retards might quit using it. They'll head over to places like Breitbart and Infowars. So what? Nothing of value is lost. These people certainly aren't advertisers. They're not even great to advertise *to* unless you're selling some kind of scam. Let 'em go. If anything, it'll make more money for FB/Google/MS/Twitter et all.

Comment The Internet and dumb people (Score 4, Insightful) 773

As evidenced by this sad case (I hope the pizza shop owners sue this idiot and garnish his wages for the rest of his life), and the election, I think the case can be made that the Internet doesn't necessarily enhance society. It's an interesting turn of events, and certainly not one that I considered seriously. I had always thought that the Internet went to shit in the early-mid 90's, when the public-at-large started to use it in large numbers. I couldn't imagine how bad it would end up today, though. And, sadly, we have such a large amount of the world's population still not online, I fear that it's going to get that much worse. I'm honestly disappointed in humankind that something with so much potential as the Internet can go to such shit so quickly.

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