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Comment Dating site or Prostitution? (Score 1) 319

If its the site I'm thinking of its really no surprise, I heard a commercial on the radio and found myself wondering if it was a site for dating or prostitution.

I really wish I could find the audio to that commercial, I'm no prude, but it certainty wasn't an image I would choose for my company. It just kept going on and on about how this was THE site for cougars to fuck young men. (and they didn't sugar coat it with hookup, meet, etc, the purpose of using the site was to find older women who want to fuck)

Comment Re:Minimal nutrition foods? (Score 1) 804

Comment Re:News Flash: Apple limits app store! (Score 3, Insightful) 664

Maybe because it does matter to a big part of this sites readership. Many people who read this site are developers, many write iPhone apps. Knowing that if they make something too politically charged will cause it to be rejected wasting the developers time.

Do you see why it might count as stuff that matters now?

Comment Re:I'm conflicted (Score 1) 980

All valid questions but in our case it doesn't really matter because due to an application we require we also have to run a virtual machine running windows on osx. So we have all those costs with both cases.

My costs for the apple workstations did not include all of those prices either, or the higher priced applications that are required to reach the same functionality as the windows counterpart.

(Before anyone jumps to any conclusions the application that made windows a requirement came pretty recently and the performance was the same with or without windows running.)

Comment Re:I'm conflicted (Score 1) 980

They actually do care which OS you run.

I went around and around with them on the definition of a volume license. I felt that a volume license should apply to the application, not the OS its ran on. Especially considering they provide both a windows and a OSX key regardless of the version you told them you wanted.

Adobe disagrees and insists that if you have a volume license and install it on OSX and later replace the system with a windows machine your license is not valid for the windows machine.

I found this out when one of our OSX machines died and I was unable to revoke the key replacing the system with a more powerful windows box.

Comment Re:I'm conflicted (Score 2, Interesting) 980

Our pre-press department used to run nothing but mac. Well one died so I replaced it with another apple.

We recently hired a new artist and needed to add a machine so I priced out a windows machine as well and checked to see if any of our existing staff would want to use the windows system. Most did (6 of 8); two wanted to stick with macs. So I moved the user who just got the new mac to the PC.

Total for the mac: $3100 (again, I had just paid this much to replace the failed one)
Total for the PC: $950

The user is much happier because the system is much more responsive (than the other brand new mac) and works with the rest of the network correctly. (group policy, authentication, etc)

I'm hoping I can make this place Mac free as the rest need to be replaced.

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