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Comment Ways to adjust (Score 1) 547

There are ways to adjust I believe. Offer independent movies that earned prizes at some of the many (many!) festivals worldwide like Canne, Berlinale, Sundance etc. Basically build a niche that is quality versus recent stuff. Oscilloscope movies for example are often good and Netflix is lacking many of these. Get international movies which are really hard to get in U.S. except through shopping like Infidel, Samsara, Intimate Strangers, Dragonhunters (french) etc. Cater to themes, Star Wars, Star Trek etc with special editions which fans will want to watch but you can't get through streaming. Offer if possible random but acclaimed picks of each major genre so people can just go and grab something without searching much for a movie. Deliver movies like a pizza with people able to select/order one online. We have Netflix and such in streaming but still often go for Redbox or small DVD rentals because ... there are lots of movies we'd like to see but not available in the mainstream market.

Comment Re:I still can't tell the difference betwen DX9 an (Score 1) 553

Oh wait, DX 11 introduced stereoscopics for Nvidia, I remember the talk at EQ2 forums and how impressed people were. Anf here is a good overview, basically DX11 is DX10 effects plus a bit improvement with better performance. I've seen rain drop calculations on ocean waves in the Crysis 3 Engine as example, very nice. Of course if you play a game where you just race through you won't realize these things most likely.,0

Comment Re:I still can't tell the difference betwen DX9 an (Score 1) 553

Depends probably what games you looked at. If these were not optimized for DX10, you won't see much of a difference of course.
DX 10 brought pretty impressive optical improvements in terms of water (water surface ripples, waves etc looking way more realistic, fountains, under water effects etc.), the ground cover in games looked much more realistic, especially its lighting and fade-in of spots with ground cover. Distance blur inproved, softer shadows, polygonal round shapes becomes truly round.
Might not be much for you but it matters a lot if you play for example a MMO for years and re-visiting the same area quite some.

DX11 brought better surface plasticity without modeling it. See here: Not sure otherwise, I haven't seen anything in games yet that fully uses DX11 functionality.

Comment Motivations and solutions check (Score 1) 379

When reading the start thread I realize three things: a) If I understand that correctly you want to keep Bob, but he is supposed to do it your way in future. So you don't suggest using Google Docs (this YOU and everyone else could do any time no matter if Bob goes along or not), you suggest Bob switches his system over to Google Docs. A monster that has grown for decades. Well, even if I was convinced a new system in in order, if I had to do the conversion on a voluntarily basis because someone else said it is no good anymore ... good luck .... I miss a little bit the "So I figured out how to convert the old files into google and am working on it because I believe the new system is so much better - and I hope Bob agrees when it is done or is willing to help me with that". b) Before you have seen the new system work with the old data ... don't assume it will be better. Bob's system with a few files worked very well as I'm sure. If you've ever used Google Docs more extensively with larger files ... *cough cough* You basically make the same error, assumptions about the systems feasibility before having significant data imported and testing with these. c) Personally I'd not touch Google Docs with a stick for anything I don't feel comfortable to be published for everyone and their dog to see. Clouds can be hacked and Google is a nice fat target. Google Docs is beta as any other system they have so the plug can be pulled any time. I'd suggest you look into a small but reliable personal webspace, set up a system a bit more sophisticated - there are people out there who actually know this kind of thing professionally and often are willing to help out for little money if the cause convinces them. ontact other non-profits for what they use etc, get something out of the box developed for the specific application you need, have your dedicated space (few bucks per month with hostgator or such), run regular backups.

Comment Re:Details?!? (Score 1) 141

I suppose it is that. That is just the envelope protein delivered by another virus (Vesicular Stomatitis Virus). These mutate like crazy, so expressing a single one is not going to help much ever to generate a therapeutically active immune response. Having tons of antibody that don't work against the developing HIV mutant is of no use.

Comment Details?!? (Score 1) 141

Has anyone found any details on the genetic modification. Because ... HIV is not alive, a virus is only a blueprint for itself, which the cell starts to copy. And this copying process than leads to side effects depending on what the virus information contains - the symptoms. So a "whole virus" that is "killed" is plain nonsense. And as there are only extremely rare cases where there are therapeutically relevant anti-HIV antibodies ever (usually the restriction is T cell based or CCR5 mutations) ... a vaccine that is supposed to induce antibodies with a full virus makes no sense whatsoever.

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