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Comment A few things about Silverlight 4 (Score 2, Informative) 379

A few things you might want to know about Silverlight 4 before assuming the new shiney toy is the better one:

  - Drop down boxes have no keyboard support (press U in a country list does nothing, you have to do it manually)
  - Right click menus don't exist unless you make the control windowless
  - You get fewer shortcut keys than Javascript
  - You won't have Silverlight 4 installed on a fresh Windows 7 machine
  - The scroll container control (ScrollViewer) has no inbuilt support for tabbing between controls or mousewheel support
  - Unlike CSS there is no styling inheritence besides per-control styling, it's equivalent of having #ids for everything
  - Visual Studio 2010 support is extremely crash-prone
  - The MSDN documentation is poor to say the least
  - It only works on one browser on the Mac

On the plus side

  - It doesn't crash your Mac
  - The parts they haven't butchered from WPF give you some very nice layout and animation features
  - You get a strongly typed language
  - You get a mostly awesome IDE to use it. And also Blend.
  - It's not Adobe

Comment New Labour (Score 5, Interesting) 334

Who would've predicted 20 years ago that a Conservative government is now more liberal than a labour one. What did labour bring the UK in respect to civil liberties?

- Huge amounts of CCTV - one estimate claims the it's the highest in the world
- Useless passports that don't work in most airports
- An illegal war or two
- Sponging off the state is more attractive than working

I voted labour in 1997 and was fairly anti-conservative back then. Since that time something happened to the party (Tony Blair) that has completely transformed them in my view.


Submission + - Novell release new Monotouch statement (mono-project.com)

wilsonthecat writes: Novell have released a new press release in response to Apple's announcement that none-C/C++/Objective-C based iPhone application development breaks their SDK terms. The press release names several apps that have made it past app review process since the new Apple SDK agreement.

Comment Re:Not Windows' fault (Score 1) 438

Accenture were also given a huge NHS contract in the UK. The project is used as a case study of project failure in many Universities now, and cost $6b in what has been discovered as huge salaries and benefits being given to consultants. This was taxpayers' money for a national health scheme. They pulled out fortunately

Comment Second hand CDs (Score 1) 429

The stupid situation with iTunes/Amazon is you can buy second hand CDs (whole albums) for less than a single track. But instead of competing with this, the music industry continues to hold on by their little finger to their enormous margins.

They should follow Valve's example and go for high output rather than low amounts at high prices.

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