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Comment Screw the the theater. (Score 1) 438

Honestly, fuck actually _going_ to the theater/cinema to watch movies. I don't live in the UK, but Chicago, and I recently paid $10--for a matinee. There is so little about seeing a movie in theater that is pleasing any more--pretty much the only thing is timing; you must see a film in theater if you don't want to wait. But that's about it. Then something like we have here--every happening like this lowers my compunction regarding illegal downloading. Seriously these copyright assholes are killing the art form (amongst many others).

Comment Re:NoScript and Adblock (Score 2, Informative) 207

I can get it up to 2GB virtual memory in a morning's average browsing.

(emphasis mine)

Virtual memory has no real bearing on the quantity of physical ram occupied by an application. Virtual memory is a large, expandable, virtually contiguous slice of memory provided by your OS's memory manager. What you're looking for is resident memory. My current FF3.5 session is 'using' 973 MB virtual memory but in reality only 163 MB physical (resident).

Comment Mod Parent Up (Score 2, Insightful) 410

I'm about to go on an OT rant here, but the parent is absolutely right. The FCC must be either inept or completely corrupt to accept a proprietary technology as a standard, especially when such outrageous exclusivity rules are applied to it's use. In these cases an open standard will create a vibrant market around the technology, expedite it's adoption, and maximize its public utility. For these reasons I say (sadly), fuck you, HD Radio.

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