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Submission + - House and Senate Science Committees in Creationists Hands. ( 3

willy everlearn writes: Does anyone else find it scary that we have put creationists on both the House and Senate's science committies? The very core of a creationist's argument is"No matter what evidence you show me my belief will continue." Extend this to Climate Change, Vaccinations or any other of myriad topices these right wing hold as sacred. What can we do about it?

Comment Who paid the price. (Score 2, Interesting) 211

Doolittle's raid had little/no actual strategic value.

The price tag was..... I have read estimates that between 300 thousand to 1 million Chinese paid the ultimate price for getting the crews out.

Not taking away from the valor of the crew. They deserve our undying respect.

But, the price paid for it..... I wonder.


Comment All-Out Effort (Score 1) 221

What we need to do is have a Manhattan Project type effort to make fusion a reality. No waste. When you turn it off, it is off. We have to get off carbon for our progeny's sake. Ethanol and Biodiesel are worse than what they displace. Wind and Solar are fine but there is nothing like a 1 or 2 or more Giga-Watt power plant.

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