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Comment similar article, better critique (Score 1) 282

Just read a similar article, but by someone in healthcare who has been implementing tablets for 7 years: "iPad Fatigue: Choose Your Mobile Strategy Wisely"

Found here:

Honestly I think the best criticism of the iPad is that it is a terrible device to write on (since it doesn't support a REAL stylus, those 3rd party crayon ones don't count) which kind of makes no sense for a TABLET.

Comment FOX gave up on a very similar case recently (Score 4, Interesting) 242

Back in 2006 a democratic candidate ran a similar ad, using a 24 second clip of Fox News anchor Chris Wallace to attack her opponent by showing Wallace questioned his ethics. Fox sued the candidate in 2011, but eventually gave up:

Comment "By invite only" launch killed Wave (Score 1) 180

Although the "by invite only" strategy worked for gmail, I think this is what has ultimately killed (or at least maimed) Wave. Too many people tried it out, were pretty excited, but then realized they couldn't talk to anyone they knew, and getting an invite to the people they knew was only by the unpredictable grace of Google. This time the invite-only strategy was a buzzkill. This is probably a case of Catch 22 though because if they had launched it with open access to all it probably would have been slashdotted.

At this point, opening it up to everyone is probably a sign that most people have given up on it and Google recognizes that it won't cause much of a murmur on the servers since few will sign-up. One of the real sticking points for me is that you cannot permanently delete a wave. Sure it goes in the trash, but there is no way to empty the trash. Google should at least give us the illusion of privacy by at least making it appear like we can delete content tied to us!

Comment Re:This meets all of Apple's requirements except o (Score 1) 117

Excellent comment. I've tried as many SWF converters as I can find on Google, and they are all a mess when trying to output anything but the most basic SWF to video. Most just play back the SWF and then try and run a screen recording process. However, it might be interesting to upload a SWF to Youtube and see what happens- last time I checked they rejected it outright. I don't know if that has changed though.

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