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Comment Not worth the risk (Score 1) 550

I can wear my glasses, contacts any time i want with no loss of vision. I can buy a new prescription with brand new glasses for a fourth(or less) of the cost of lasik. I guess for me, the thought of having my vision permanently disabled because my lense doesnt heal back properly after they slice it open, or they mess up some terrible way it enough to keep me using the non-surgical routes. I'm a developer, if i lose my eye site, i lose my job. Not worth the risk.

Comment Nobody ever leaves (Score 1) 177

Small business, 30 employees or so, we hire 2 a year and i'm on my 6th year, nobody ever leaves. Most people at the company have 10-15 years. Since the company has been founded. I'm about "half way" on the seniority line. It may have something to do with these metallic circular objects on our ankles attached to our computer chairs... not sure.

Comment Children with progeria make results inconclusive (Score 5, Interesting) 70

If you the TFA you will see at the bottom an interesting note: "In an unexpected finding, the cells of children with progeria, a genetic disorder that causes premature aging, appeared normal and reflected their true chronological age" Doesn't this make the results inconclusive at that point? Since children with this disease age faster than anyone else? If his "clock" was accurate wouldn't these children display clocks point to a much older person?

Comment Re:Kind of was expecting this (Score 1) 307

I agree with all of your points, I guess my background comes from a gaming platform with MMO type games written in the past. With these we rely on being able to keep the game fair for everyone by keeping someone from copying our code, and entering the game with hacked resources. That is where my thoughts come from. However, generally speaking I agree with everything you said.

Comment Kind of was expecting this (Score 2) 307

html 5 is a world with real applications, not to say that traditional html did not have real applications but with html 5 now having so many uses and access to hardware acceleration, I think the only next logical step to gain more commercial popularity was to give companies a way to protect their programming investment. I know my self I worried about using html 5 as a valid alternative to some programming I am doing because of the seemingly easy nature to steal and reproduce something I want "closed source". Don't get me wrong here, I love open source and hope this isn't something that is mandatory. But I also see some benefit of being able to protect my code. The real question will be how easy it will be to get around it.

Comment Surprised? (Score 1) 94

ARM has been focusing on mobile platform architecture for much longer than intel, its like Honda trying to make a truck, sure they did do it but its nothing like a company making nothing but trucks from the get-go. Intel needs to stay right where they are king and keep that crown and stop trying to follow rabbit holes thinking they might find money where ARM is the clear leader down in those places.

Comment Android fragmenting (Score 4, Interesting) 85

With all the fragmented versions of android, I sure hope that everyone(Verizon, att, etc) can get their heads out of their ass to get this patched. Im concerned for the people using these things for business, but consumers could be affected majorly too. I guess we can't be sure exactly how bad of an issue this is until the first though.

Comment What!? (Score 5, Insightful) 298

There are nations with 50 mbps for pennies on the dollar to our cost in America, not to mention absolutely no throttling or data limits. Wake up Richard Bennett! There are far too many monopolies in Americas internet connections and THATS the problem, no competition means they can do whatever the hell they want!

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