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Comment Re:The master owns everything, including your *LIF (Score 1) 243

Maybe he can force them to disclose the private keys for these bitcoins through discovery and have them turned over to his attorney.
If they transfer the bitcoins from their original addresses he could argue that they tampered with evidence.
If they were made public, it would be interesting to see who is able to snatch them up first.
Whatever happens this will certainly make an interesting precedent.

Comment Re:Well, who would be the replacement? (Score 1) 800

You know there's such a thing as social libertarianism where the depositors own the banks and can decide to use whatever they want as currency. People for the most part are intelligent and capable of making decisions together that will benefit them as a group. Any pharmacist or doctor that tried those things would be out of business rather quickly.

Comment Re:clear and present danger (Score 1) 800

If you were a fan of the facts then you'd know that those in Yemen who are getting murdered by CIA drones most of them were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. They'll target anyone who voices opposition to the US backed regime there. Right now the government is perfecting its' tactics in Somalia, Yemen and Pakistan. You better believe they'll use drones in any future one sided conflicts anywhere they can get away with it.

Comment Re:It's not going to happen (Score 1) 191

We could just have our own cosmonaut zero program like the Soviets. People got medals for breaking their backs after being launched in catapults, spending hours in the centrifuge and other experiments designed to test the endurance of the human body to conditions required for space travel. I'm sure there are some not so young people with dementia who'd sign up for such a project if they were told that it was their patriotic duty.

Comment Re:1st! (Score 1) 205

Congress tried that for the first half of the 19th century with the gag rule. They had to pass it every year and it forced any petition that brought up slavery to be tabled. The rules have probably changed since then. Seems like a useful rule though to prevent the same issue being brought up over and over again.

Comment Re:No Death Penalty (Score 1) 379

Take money out of the picture and we might be able to have a decent criminal justice system. As it stands prosecutors have an incentive to slap higher charges on people with heavier fines to keep the money flowing in. They'll threaten someone with death so they can force them into a plea bargain. If government would reform the system and prove they were able to act responsibly then maybe people wouldn't have a problem with the death penalty.

Comment Only sure way (Score 1) 153

To familiarize yourself with your local Judicial system you need first hand information on the judges. Get yourself a bunch of citations for minor infractions and contest them all. Some places assign judges randomly so you have a chance of appearing before most of them. Keep a blog on your experiences. The judges that restrict your rights, don't let you have a jury trial or are overly biased towards the prosecution should be voted out.

Comment Re:Everyone in a courtroom has an agenda (Score 3, Insightful) 140


Scientists, even those in the “hard” sciences that are based primarily on empirical observations and mathematical analysis, have their own dogmas, prejudices, incentives, and conventions.

When it comes to science in the courtroom.

Objectivity is out. Testability is out. Keeping an open mind is out. Skepticism is right out. The appeal to authority is not a logical fallacy but fundamental to science.

All you need is an expert in the field who shares your opinion and has a plausible theory that can sway jurors or create a reasonable doubt.

This is also why people with expertise in a field pertaining to the case are frequently excluded from a jury pool. For example they don't usually want an accountant who already knows what embezzlement is to be on the jury etc. Lawyers don't want an intelligent jury, they want one that will believe their expert witnesses.

Comment Re:Hopefully - HA! (Score 1) 796

There were many ancient american civilizations and it's possible that some of them may have been the ones described in the Book of Mormon.
I linked to the BYU article because it's a scholarly article explaining the evidence for precolumbian horses in America. Critics often say that because the natives weren't riding horses when Columbus arrived there weren't any which is false. Centuries-old bones of horses unearthed in Carlsbad Remains Show Ancient Horses Were Hunted for Their Meat.

There's not enough archaelogical evidence left behind to definitively rule either way. However, the Hopewell Culture did have an advanced writing system, clothing, agriculture, trade, fortifications and earth mounds; all of which are described in the Book of Mormon. They also disappeared at the same time as recorded. I see the evidence of a great civilization that lived here before us and we are very fortunate to have their record.

Comment Re:Hopefully - HA! (Score 1) 796

Then of course there's the Mormons, who believe in the Bible the way the regular Protestants do for the most part, but then they add a whole new book about Jesus coming to visit a bunch of fictional civilizations in the Americas before Europeans got there

There is plenty of archeological evidence pointing to advanced civilizations in what is now the Eastern United States. The Hopewell Culture for example flourished around the same time as one of the groups described in the Book of Mormon. There is also evidence that native americans had the ten commandments and that there were precolumbian horses.

If Christ had followers in America, why woudn't he visit them, he even spoke of doing so in John 10:16.

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