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Anti-Product Placement For Negative Branding 130

An anonymous reader writes "Product placement to promote your brand just isn't enough any more. These days, apparently, some companies are resorting to anti-product placement in order to get competitors' products in the hands of 'anti-stars.' The key example being Snooki from Jersey Shore, who supposedly is being sent handbags by companies... but the bags being sent are of competitors' handbags as a way to avoid Snooki carrying their own handbag, and thus potentially damaging their brand."

Comment Re:Nuke it (Score 1) 264

Unfortunately, that's sort of like using a hand grenade to patch a leak in the roof.

Or not. Since a roof leak drips down only when it rains, not at a continuous 2K psi. And a roof is in the air, not 1 mile underwater. etc. etc. Maybe I'm missing it but this analogy seems to weak to support your argument.

While I agree BP will probably go to almost any lengths to preserve access to this field, the big problem with using explosives to attempt to cap this blowout is the roof of the chamber seems very brittle. Any explosion large enough to cap the well could fracture the roof of the chamber to the extent it would start leaking over a wide area of sea floor, which could then never be stopped, or a large section of the roof would collapse entirely, resulting in a catastrophic release of oil and gas.

I'd like to see a source for the "very brittle" comment, as well as data on how thick the chamber roof actually is as I just don't know. The wikipedia article on the spill states BP rejected conventional explosive use and that no one has ever considered a nuclear option, because of treaty issues and environmental impact (like there's none now). I think the whole "blow it up" meme has traction simply because of BP's inability to fix their mess and the US government's ineffectiveness in getting anything done about it.

PC Games (Games)

What Game Devs Should Learn From EVE 270

An anonymous reader passes along this excerpt from Gamesradar about EVE Online's Council of Stellar Management (CSM), a group of elected player representatives that serve to facilitate communications between the developers and the community: "On the last day, the devs announced that after the earlier discussions about improving the CSM’s ability to effect change, the CSM was being raised to the status of its own department within CCP. This is revolutionary; in one swift move, the CSM went from what could be considered a glorified focus group to what CCP considers to be a 'stakeholder' in the company, given equal consideration with every other department in requesting development time for a project. That means the CSM — and the entire playerbase it represents — has as much influence on development projects as Marketing, Accounting, Publicity and all the other teams outside of the development team. This is, of course, the stated intention. But has any developer gone to such lengths for its fans?"

OpenSSH 5.4 Released 127

HipToday writes "As posted on the OpenBSD Journal, OpenSSH 5.4 has been released: 'Some highlights of this release are the disabling of protocol 1 by default, certificate authentication, a new "netcat mode," many changes on the sftp front (both client and server) and a collection of assorted bugfixes. The new release can already be found on a large number of mirrors and of course on'"

Comment Re:please make stupidity illegal (Score 1) 1161

I firmly support others right to believe they're "chosen" and their "supreme being" dictates how they should live.

They just don't get to have a say in any public policy decisions since they're unable to differentiate physical evidence from make-believe friends. In addition, their inability to reason out a sound argument disqualifies them from telling any else what to do or how to behave.

I.E., You're free to delude yourself to whatever extent you can tolerate but you don't get to tell me or my kids how to live.


A Bare-Bones Linux+Mono+GUI Distro? 158

nimble99 writes "I am a computer software engineer, focused mainly on the Windows platform — but most of my development time is spent in .NET. I would like to move my .NET development to Linux in the form of Mono, in an attempt at building a media-center type of device. All I require, is a base operating system with simple hardware support, Mono, and a window manager that (preferably) does nothing but act as a host for mono applications. Is this available? I dont know a lot about Linux, so I thought I would ask if there is already something like this available. Obviously a 'Mono Operating System' would be the cleanest solution, but a similar thing could be achieved with the barest minimum of Linux distros right?"

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