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Comment Re:No, thanks (Score 1) 107

I don't have enough stuff to do to use all the extra keys ha ha, but use AutoHotkey (Windows) for one button press for access to the control panel, device manager, mouse control panel, and volume up/down/mute. AutoHotkey & this 122 keyboard is really a great setup with powerful capabilities far beyond the simple stuff I do.

On OSX, Karabiner would give you the same type of keyboard mapping ability.

Comment Here it is (Score 1) 90

The DOJ don't want you to be able to own a thing they can't open. It could be a new super-secure safe, a car with a security trunk, or an electronic device.

If they attack your right to own such a thing, they look like bad guys. So, they've been working behind the scenes to ensure you can't acquire such a thing to begin with. The secret moves against Truecrypt and now the iPhone encryption show this new strategy . I don't know how many other companies have been pressured also.

I think it's wrong, but I don't know what to do about it.

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