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Submission + - Obama: Pot is not more dangerous than alcohol (

will.perdikakis writes: After admitting to using marijuana as a young man, Obama controversially explains that a majority of punishment for marijuana-related crimes end up on the poor or the minorities. He further admits that the legality changes in Washington and Colorado may be a catalyst for a national change.

Do you think it is about time for the change? Or should it remain illegal in the US?

Comment Re:Now where's the cheap monitors? (Score 1) 201

Just assume that by the time this is mainstream the I/O will be intelligent enough to set the color space and resolution automatically based in source material and display. But, the problem will still remain with calibration... sigh.

You might be selling the masses short by assuming they will not notice. Remember, you are seeing an sRGB version of theCIE 1931 color space, the greens that are omitted (that you monitor is probably not capable of displaying anyway) are colors that many people see everyday for 3 seasons a year.

TBH, I am not worried about what other people do. I calibrate every display that I use (sans my mobile devices) for both high and low light situations and fine tune every setting. Most people do not do this now, but the media and the technology is here.

Comment Re:Resolution? WHY? (Score 1) 201

I was strictly talking about Picture quality, which, no doubt will be the marketing angle of 4k.

You complaint is one of aspect ratio actually and since 1080p and 4k UHD are 16:9, I do not see how 4k would be an improvement for you on the same size panel; you will need to be able to read the text.

On a side note, have you considered rotating your monitor? I have a 1680 x 1050 in portrait mode that is great for academic/professional production.

Comment Re:Now where's the cheap monitors? (Score 1) 201

In practice people cant tell the difference between 6 bit and 10 bit colour. .

That is unfair.

Rec 2020 not only increases the resolution of the color space, it also increases the area covered in the CIE 1931. In other words, it is not just the same color gamut with less quantization, it is a much larger color space entirely.

Rec 2020 UHDTV:

Rec 709: HDTV:

Comment Resolution? WHY? (Score 1) 201

Honestly, resolution is the LAST thing that we need updated in the display frontier. Work on improving contrast ratios, widening the color gamut to the full capability of the human eye (obviously, the content must match here), reducing pixel response (LCD), reducing input lag, eliminating gamma, lighting and contrast variance throughout the panel. I would take a 1080P display with a 10% improvement in contrast ratio over a 4k TV any day.

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