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Comment Re:With such good Wi-fi... (Score 1) 86

wires will always remain a better transmission medium

Depends what you mean by "better." I think you mean "faster" and/or "less risk of data loss" and/or "less risk of data interception." If you're talking about connecting your computer to a router in another room without a good way to run a wire through the floor or ceiling, I think a person might reasonably argue that wires in that case are not "better." Or if you're talking about using your phone on the train or in Walmart, I think one could reasonably argue that, even though the wifi connection is slower, less reliable, and could be hacked, it's still better than being wired.

Comment Re:that's a lot of $$ for nothing (Score 3, Informative) 144

Marissa Mayer has to be post-menopausal and likely has short mannish hair. Bonus points if she's fat like all the other americans too!

Seriously? Live under a rock much? Not only does she have three very young kids, she is seriously attractive (in my opinion.... Actually, no, she is objectively, factually attractive). She might run tech companies equally as poorly as Meg Whitman, but she is way, way better looking than 99.8% of CEOs.

Submission + - Facebook is shutting down, Paper, its alternate app/newsreader (

wile_e_wonka writes: The Verge reports:"Facebook is shutting down Paper, a bold reimagining of the company's flagship app for iOS that impressed critics but failed to attract a large audience, the company said today. The app transformed the core Facebook experience into a kind of newsreader, with customizable sections for politics, technology, food, and other subjects. Visitors to the app received a message saying the app would no longer function after July 29th."

Personally, I much prefer the "Paper" experience compared to the Facebook app experience, as it had news sections separate from "trending" stories, creating greater functionality and content with a less "busy" interface. But alas, it seems to have already stopped updating the "news feed" for me.

Comment Re:Much easier than (Score 4, Insightful) 64

I think the bigger deal isn't the risk of unauthorized people accessing ancient unupdated MySpace pages. I think the bigger deal is that a lot of people are using the that same password, now disclosed online, for their email login, bank login, etc. And the MySpace leak gives everyone the ability to look up a large swath of the population's passwords. A lot of not very tech-savvy people had MySpace accounts, and I haven't looked at the file, but it seems that a less-than-honest person could match people to passwords in a lot of these cases and then have that person's passwords for a lot of different sites.

Comment Re:He-USD (Score 1) 190

Somebody marked this -1!? Mod parent up, please! Notate as "funny."

Some people just don't understand completely appropriate humor. That said, the parent is wrong: there will not be even a few Tanzanians that make money from this. The management of the mining company will be American. The life-threatening labor will be performed by Tanzanians not in exchange for money, but in exchange for not being killed, and if they're lucky, for a portion of bread per day, of which the worker will eat a bite and send the rest to his wife and children if they aren't enslaved with him.

Comment Compare w/Opera's New Power-Saving Mode? (Score 3, Interesting) 260

Personally, I am wondering how the results would stack up with Opera thrown in with the power saving mode turned on.

The article points out that Edge does pretty darn well without the need for any power saving mode. Like, ok, but perhaps it makes sense to have a full featured, powerful browser (which Opera is becoming again, though for a long time that was really questionable) with the ability to flip a switch that reduces the "power" (reducing activity of background tabs, wake CPU less often, pause unused extensions, etc) and increases battery life. Also there's the built in ad-blocker, which I'd think would substantially reduce power consumption.

Please re-run the test.

Comment Re:it ain't free, so (Score 2) 65

I bought a used car in which the original cell subscription ran out. The only way to continue service was through the car company (which provides the service through T-Mobile) for, I think it was $30 per month or a lump sum of $450 for 3 years. It takes a T-Mobile sim card.

I tried getting the $10 per month T-Mobile sim card, but it didn't function in the car.

Since I am not up for paying that kind of money for the services, I didn't subscribe. If I ordered the service it provides:

Google maps in the navigation interface (though without the cell connection, the navigation interface is fine--it even shows speed limits)
Makes a mobile hotspot available in the car (which I can do from my phone for free)
Probably the only useful thing is: the car would be connected to the internet even when I am not in there. So, I could control some things about my car from my phone and also send a Google Maps route to the car from my home computer or my phone.

It seems to me that some of the features could be made available by better utilizing the bluetooth connection with my phone, but then I wouldn't have as much incentive to pay $30/mo. Which is a rip-off in my mind, since the data connection they want me to buy costs $10 directly from T-Mobile. Anyway, so far so good without paying the subscription. I don't feel like I'm missing out on much.

Comment Re:This worries me (Score 2) 175

Keep in mind that "average" is just that. And it isn't a wealth versus poverty issue--plenty of wealthy parents take a stand against giving kids smart phones at a young age. That said, keep in mind that I think in most cases we aren't talking about a parent deciding to go out a buy an iPhone for a 10 year old. We're talking about parents upgrading their phone and giving their old phone to their kid instead of selling it, and adding a line to the family plan for $10 per month.

My oldest will be 10 next year and I can guaranty you he will not have a smart phone for several years. That said, my wife's parents did buy him an iPad mini and my old lap top is essentially his now....

Comment Re:Selective throttling (Score 2) 172

You've got it backward. They haven't "already added" to the whitelist, they just haven't added it to the "throttle list." Netflix gets throttled, bittorrent gets throttled, speed test sites and most other sites don't get put on the "throttle list."

That said, I have Cox on the 100 MB/sec down plan and have not had any throttling issues, even when well above their soft data cap.

Comment Re:Lol (Score 1) 198

I think "cash only" could work for LLC #2, but not for LLC number 1. It's the one that has to earn the money to pay LLC #2's rent and internet and electricity. Under my proposal, you've got to have LLC #1 do something to get money from the outside--like renting someplace. Perhaps it can set up a hot dog stand instead of a rental place so it can plausibly be cash only. You'll have to run the hot dog stand (including hiring someone to man it) via anonymous letters and email. And pay the person manning it by having him keep a cut of the money and mailing the rest to an the Nevada PO Box. But then, that money has to be forwarded someplace.

I now thinking the VPN is the best idea too. The problem there appears to be finding one that is and remains non-logging. From what I can gather on the internet, you need to keep your eye on your VPN--sometimes they get sued and start logging, in which case you need to go find a different VPN.

Comment Re:Lol (Score 4, Funny) 198

Every ISP I've dealt with has required a physical address. And it has to be real. Whenever I give a fake address for my internet service, I end up getting no service at my real address. Also, every ISP I've dealt with has required real payment. Whenever I give the ISP fake payment information, the ISP doesn't get paid and then cuts off my service.

Here is what you can do:

1) Set up a Nevada LLC and use nominee management and registered agent services and get the "physical address in NV" service, which gets you a mailbox with a physical address in NV.
2) Set up an online bank account for the LLC in which you deposit $100,000 in various increments under $10,000 over time.
3) Have the Nevada LLC purchase a house someplace that it can rent for a profit.
4) Using only typed letters and/or an anonymous free email address, get the house rented.
5) Have the LLC set up another LLC, which second LLC will also open a bank account. Rent profits from the first LLC will be depsosited into the account of the second LLC.
6) The second LLC will, using only typed letters and anonymous emails, will rent an apartment adjacent to yours (did I mention you have to live in an apartment complex with an empty apartment next door?). Leave the door unlocked and throw away the keys. Furnish the apartment so it looks legit if searched--you don't want the police to search the apartment and find it furnished solely with a wireless router. Maybe even let a squater liver there for a few days.
7) Have the second LLC order internet for the apartment.
8) Set up a strong wireless router in the apartment with open access. Use that for all your illigitimate stuff. Dont ever use personally identifying information when hooked in to that signal.
9) Also make sure you have your own internet service that you use for the legitimate stuff.
10) When ISP kicks you off for doing illigitimate stuff, have your first LLC set up another largely hidden LLC and bank account, transfer the lease to the new LLC (via letters and emails). Set up new internet service.

The main problem I see with this is the bank accounts. You'll probably need a tax ID number, so you'll need a real SS# for the IRS. And the bank will need a signatory on the account. I don't think of a good way to set this up truly anonymously.

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