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Comment Natural selection at play (Score 4, Insightful) 74

The lesson here is that returning beached whales to sea just returns them to the gene pool, harming the whale population at large.

If you want to save the whales, you must let the beach-weak whales die. If we keep returning them to the sea, we'll simply have a whale population that's dependent on humans to survive!

Comment Pay will be important (Score 1) 261

Being young with no responsibilities is a great time to do something fulfilling regardless of pay, but you WILL find pay to be important later. If you make good money now, you won't have to worry so much about it later. And fulfilling work and work that pays well are not things that are mutually exclusive.

Don't get complacent with pay, and make sure that you are well aware of what someone at your experience level can expect to make. As someone in IT--especially with software engineering skills--you should also be prepared to settle in the few places where you can have a career with those skills.

If you are sacrificing pay for fulfillment, make SURE it's worth it. Most jobs will try to base your pay on the pay you made at your last job. It's terrible, but it's hard to fight. Aiming high for your first job is one of the best things you can do to help your financial prosperity through the rest of your career.

When I started, I had work I enjoyed, but it didn't pay well and it didn't provide me with experiences I would cherish for a lifetime or anything like that. It took time to gain the experience to realize I had a sucker's position, and it took time to get out of the mindset with "I can be happy getting by with this". Realize that "getting by" is not enough. You don't have to expect a mansion or a Tesla out of life, but you *do* have to expect well more than subsistence. The numbers will look different when you have a family and an emergency and no savings because you've been getting "just enough".

If I'd known what I know now and pursued salary, I could have still been in environments that challenged me... but I would own a house outright and have a hundred thousand (or few) in the bank, not to mention command a higher salary today. I'm not ashamed or regretful of the choices I made, but I had no one to tell me better. I advise you to not sell yourself short.

Comment Zombie alerts probably accident rather than malice (Score 1) 41

I can absolutely see the public getting zombie alerts... but by accident rather than as a prank.

I was involved in setting up these alerts at one mobile carrier. What do you think our test messages said? We lived in fear of accidentally sending our zombie alerts to the general public... but that didn't keep us from using it in testing.

Comment It is all about what games you play (Score 3, Interesting) 179

If you are a gamer that wants to know you'll be able to pick up the Big New Thing on Linux... we aren't there yet. That day may come soon-ish, but we aren't.

But if you are someone who is primarily interested in--or at least sufficiently satisfied by--the wide indie game market, Linux has been there for a little while now. Hungry indie game studios generally build with tools that make building for Linux easy, don't build games that hit driver edge cases, and they are hungry for the money the smaller Linux market provides.

I know one minimally technical gamer who uses Linux exclusively for work and games. He's very satisfied by the indie game market. He's an exception... but he's a sign of times to come.

Comment Re:weakly disguised hit-piece (Score 1) 328

The very article you linked to describes NeXT as having a clear technical direction rather than aimless development. In fact, it specifically says that NeXT was carrying on with the same technical direction that had been going on inside of Apple.

Insisting on this change in direction was part of what got Steve Jobs the ax from people more interested in short-term profitability.

Comment Check your Facebook autoplay settings (Score 2) 274

I was sent a warning message about this, I'm still grandfathered in on the unlimited plan. I looked at my usage and over 4G of traffic was from facebook... apparently because I was auto-playing videos. Turning this off on an iphone requires you to go to the settings menu on the phone (not, confusingly, the settings menu in the facebook app, but the facebook app settings in the phone settings menu). You can set it to auto-play only on wifi or never.

Comment Re:Chicago Blackhawks too? (Score 1) 646

Communication goes two ways, and offense is in the ear of the behearer if you will. If you didn't mean to offend, then you made a mistake or you don't care. If you didn't mean to offend once but now know that you're offending, then either you don't care or you intend to offend.

Wise people will make a good-faith effort to avoid giving offense by learning and practicing diplomacy.

If your view that intention is all that matters were true, then all the racists in the world could just intend really hard that no one should be offended and we'd be peachy.

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