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Comment Re:McAfee! = SlowCafee (Score 1) 168

We have a smallish Windows Server estate running on vSphere supporting 400+ client machines. Because we're not allowed to spend money on a real VM-aware AV solution, we're forced to run Configuration Manager Endpoint Protection locally ("It's free!") on each individual VM, which is absolutely killing the I/O performance on our SANs. I'm not allowed to turn it off or even down. We scan everything on access, so our file server, even ridiculously over-resourced with its very own physical disks in the SAN, is slow as shit. Guess where all user profiles and files live. First time logging onto a client is abysmally slow. SQL server: same thing. It's horrific.

I've campaigned for a virtual-appliance type AV solution that sits "above" the VMs and monitors their filesystems and memory from the outside (Bitdefender's offering is my preference here), which I believe would greatly improve performance, but have been repeatedly turned down for cost reasons. Apparently, it's more important that we buy another 40 shitty laptops than AV software that would increase performance and productivity enterprise-wide.

That's before we even get to the performance impact on the clients themselves. Mid-range business laptops with 5400rpm HDDs scanning everything on access. No wonder our users despise us.

Comment Re:My list? (Score 1) 467

5. The Atari Joystick Standard. I have a very hard time playing with a modern game controller with it's millions of buttons. Give me a one (I'll be generous, two) button joystick any day over these modern monstrosities.

This is something that always bugged me, but in the opposite direction. The C64 hardware supported 3 joystick buttons but they stuck rigidly to the Atari joystick design.

Arcade conversions that had 2 or 3 buttons in the arcade always lost something in the translation to one button - being able to jump while looking down and firing at the same time, for example. Pushing forward on the joystick to jump, or worse, to accelerate in a driving game is just plain awful. I still remember having a sore wrist for days (fnarr!) after playing Pitstop II for hours on end.

I swear if they had made even 2 buttons the standard from the outset, there would have been so much more variety in the design of many games on 8-bit computer systems. The first gamepad was a stroke of absolute genius from Nintendo.

Comment Re:Citations? (Score 1) 286

I did the same as you and came to the same conclusion; at the basic level, they don't say they are doing the first two, and they are only doing the second two for purchases from the Windows Store and/or Media Center, which should be self-evident.

I cannot see where it says they're recording your keystrokes, web browsing, music, movies, books or anything else. Maybe they are and they've just given it a clever innocent-sounding name, but that seems like a risk not worth taking when the EU is already nipping at your balls over privacy.

Comment Re:O RLY? (Score 0) 374

There is no need to a replacement. What was there before already works nicely.

Tradition is the enemy of progress. Horse-drawn carts worked nicely and there were many vocal opponents to the rise of the automobile, but nobody today could credibly argue that we should abandon our use and development of motor vehicles.

You are too dumb to understand

Nice attitude. I suspect you locate your self-worth in your established expertise in what you consider your core competencies, and therefore feel threatened by anything that might disrupt the status quo. You see anything and everything beyond your own self-defined horizon as change for the sake of change.

Either that or you're just too lazy to learn anything new or experiment with new workflows.

my Linux runs fvwm (and has done so for now almost 30 years, without much change)

Some old dogs can learn new tricks, others should be sent to "live on a farm".

Comment Re:Well that settles that (Score 1) 161

and also releasing a newer model Switch

This is Nintendo we're talking about. Of course there will be new models. Switch XL or whatever will be announced in a few months, fixing most of the flaws with the original, while introducing a few more and - naturally - fixing any security exploits those evil pirates have discovered.

These days buying the first model of a console seems like a bad investment, or rather, an early-adopter cost.

Comment Re:Wow (Score 1) 347

How on earth did this garbage comment get +5?!

I had a laptop that was Windows 7 for the longest time.

How long, exactly? Long enough to be out of warranty?

It decided to upgrade itself to Windows 10. Cool. For about a month then my laptop refused to boot windows again.

Correlation does not imply causation. Your HDD failed. That is why you could boot from USB but not install to HDD. It would have failed no matter what OS you were running.

Because I am an expert, I know I can install a new OS.

New definition of expert: someone who cannot diagnose a simple hardware failure. You don't mention any attempt to install any OS except Windows. If you had, you would almost certainly have found that any OS would have failed to boot from your HDD.

I tried to recover the system and ended up losing all my data.


But the fact that I cannot reinstall Windows (first reboot puts the system into a hung state) is telling.


It's not like I had time to send it in for warranty repair and twiddle my thumbs while they send me a new laptop.

Wait... so after purchasing a new laptop, which would of course mean you could send this one for a warranty repair, you didn't bother?

So it's entirely plausible and now I am going to resurrect that machine and maybe consider joining in on this adventure.

Oh, please do! Let us all know how you get on.

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