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Comment Who made that call? (Score 1) 205

Who says it was Yahoo's decision?

Is it not possible that they got an order from a three-letter agency to make migration as difficult as possible?

If the other email providers are playing hardball with the Government (doubtful, I grant you) then maybe they're just trying to close this particular cage before all the rats escape?

I know this all sounds a bit tinfoilhattish, but I'd say that is a reflection of the zeitgeist. 2016 has been weird.

Comment Re:Best selling computer? (Score 1) 290

Does its ability to send and receive radio signals mean that it cannot be regarded as a computer?

Hey, if you remove the RF shields from the C64 it'll send radio signals too. They won't mean much, but they'll be there nevertheless. ;)

I suppose the definition of computer I'm using is: "Was it marketed and sold as a computer?"

Feel free to bend over backwards attempting to assert that the iPhone was marketed that way. I'm going to bed.

Comment Re:Best selling computer? (Score 5, Informative) 290

Yes, but not the same exact model, that's what the 64 managed. It was the same machine sold for a decade.

THIS. It is the biggest selling single model of computer ever made. There were several hardware revisions for cost reduction and simplification (from ~40 chips down to 16 as they integrated a lot of components over time), but it was essentially exactly the same computer manufactured and sold from 1982 to 1992.

Comment Re:Limit their bandwidth? (Score 1) 279

On Thursday morning, exactly two weeks after Krebs published his first post, he reported that a sustained attack was bombarding his site with as much as 620 gigabits per second of junk data.

The attackers used Internet-of-things devices since they're always-connected and easy to "remotely commandeer by people who turn them into digital cannons that spray the internet with shrapnel."

If they were limited to 5kbps you would need to control 124 million IoT devices to hit 620gbps. Turning digital cannons into digital pea-shooters may only mitigate the problem, but sometimes mitigation is enough.

Comment Limit their bandwidth? (Score 3, Insightful) 279

Probably beyond the abilities of Joe Average, but you could use your router/firewall/whatever to limit the bandwidth of IoT devices on your network.

Most IoT devices seem to use very little bandwidth by design - they just send and receive simple status updates and commands - and they would be of much less value to a botnet operator if they were limited to, say, 5kbps.

Comment Re:Why should commercial be different from private (Score 1) 239

Of course, you're right in principle.

Unfortunately, the real world is filled with idiots with absolutely no concern for anybody's safety including their own, so a modicum of paternalism is occasionally warranted.

A rather graphic example of this would be this careless drone pilot's self-decapitation. Perhaps a rule stating that it is illegal to land within x number of feet from people on the ground could have prevented this.

I don't think striking a balance between the freedom to fly drones and the rights of individuals to not be injured and/or spied on by those same drones is a particularly good example of government over-reach.

Judging by the results of this poll, it appears most people agree that a few common-sense rules is preferable to no rules.

Comment Keep paying while we put up hurdles. (Score 1) 75

Dear Valued T-Mobile Customer,

Please pay for this service, but don't use it. Seriously, our infrastructure can't support it and we simply can't afford to upgrade. You have no idea of the pressure we're under. I mean we have shareholders to think about, and a stock price to manipulate. Frankly, your data service is the least of our concerns. So, enjoy your unlimited* data, but just... don't use it. Please. Pretend it's not there...

...but... y'know... be cool. Keep paying for it. Shareholders, etc. You know how it is.

Thanks, buddy.

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