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Comment Re:Really a hero (Score 1) 68

Truly a Hero! I owe him a great deal!

  I got my real start in Computers and Programming due to Logo. I was lucky enough to get a high school co-op placement at Ottawa's Carleton Board of Education's Computer Pilot Project, the Computer P.L.A.C.E. where I got to play with a Terrapin floor turtle, and ended up having to hack it's code fix it's programming to make it draw square "squares". I taught computer programming using LOGO, both Terrapin and Apple versions, to some of the very same high school teachers who had told me that I couldn't do programming because my math wasn't good enough. It also enabled me to get a summer job teaching at a computer day camp, and thus my career in computers was launched!

This Samhain, Seymour Papert, you will remembered among the honoured ancestors of my craft! Hail and Farewell!

Comment Re:"for non-technical users" (Score 4, Informative) 254

You mean like the Anonymous Coward who says "graphical utilities don't update the kernel"

This person should simply click the Mint update manager on their bar which brings up the graphical Update Manager Window. Then you click "View", and from that drop-down menu select "Linux Kernels". From there you can choose from all of the available kernels for Linux Mint.

I don't know about you, but that is certainly looks fairly graphical to me!

Comment Re: There is only one goal (Score 1) 555

Power steering doesn't "lock solid," it becomes "much more difficult to steer." The only way steering "locks" is if the ignition turns to the point of locking the steering wheel, or something very catastrophic mechanically happens to prevent the mechanism from turning. I've had a full-size bus I was driving lose power while going down the freeway. It became MUCH harder to steer - I was leaning out of my seat, grabbing the wheel hard with both hands, and pulling HARD to keep it going where it needed to go, but it didn't "lock solid." It was simply much, MUCH more difficult to steer. My life and the lives of my passengers potentially depended on it though, so I made it happen.

Having my life or the lives of those around me depend on a crap "smart gun" firing when needed... there's no simple way to MAKE that fire if it loses power.

Comment That info is easy to get. (Score 1, Interesting) 76

You can get a great deal of information from the "service tag" on your Dell equipment. Every piece of Dell equipment has one, and you can get the entire service history through the Dell website. This is very useful for service types, both inside and outside Dell. But it sounds like some people are abusing that, and I fear that will cause Dell to shut down or limit access to that service. :-(

Comment Re:Windows 7 Perfect? Spare me (Score 2) 349

Naw, no trolling... not much anyway. When I say "close to perfect," I mean something closer to "the best desktop OS UI that's been created yet, by anyone, where most things 'just work.'" And I say that writing this from a Mac that I've been using as my primary daily laptop for two years - and I STILL hate the UI. The multi-monitor/projector support is TERRIBLE, Finder has one of the worst file explorer layouts I've seen, it's about a 10-step process to switch from normal headphones to USB or back, my task bar or whatever it's called in MacLand shrinks to where I can hardly see what I'm clicking if I open too many things at once, the network settings are disjointed, and it's not even possible to use a shortcut key to lock the desktop when I'm walking away from my desk! (And no, a "hot corner" is NOT THE SAME, even though that's the dirty cheap hack I have in place as a substitute).

So, compared to that hot steaming mess in the road, Windows 7 is pretty close to perfect.

Comment These were already solved... (Score 4, Insightful) 349

...back in 2001, the year of Linux on the Desktop. Seriously, getting a desktop "right" is hard... Apple certainly hasn't figured it out yet, none of the Linux camps have figured it out... it's hard. The only one that may have come close to perfecting it was Microsoft with Windows 7, and then they went and screwed it all up after they had it.

Comment Re:Wrong conclusion (Score 1) 77

"See that guy? He's crazy! Let's go for an easier target." Crazy = unpredictable = bad target. On the other hand, I've been told they probably avoid me because I look like I might rip someone's heart out with my bare hands and eat it, just to see if it tastes like bacon. So skipping is not always necessary to be a bad target.

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