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Comment Re:Scary (Score 2) 447

I don't care what sort of up sides it has. The government being able to track every last penny spent is far too frightening to even consider.

Why is that any more or any less scary than a private company being able to do exactly the same thing?

Comment Re:If you want the short answer (Score 1) 290

If you're going down that road, Unity is being criticised precisely because it slows users down. Yes, you can "do something in 2 clicks". But previously you could o it in one.
1) Open a spreadsheet
Previously - Click applications, move to Office, click "Calc" = 2 clicks
Now - click the big icon, write "cal", click calc = 2 clicks and 3 keyboard presses

2) See desktop
Previously - click one of the N desktops on your bars = 1 click
Now - click the desktop icon, click one of the desktops in the menu that pop ups = 2 clicks

More user interactions means less usability and speed. That's what is annoying people.

Comment Boot time vs resume from suspend (Score 1) 221

The boot time of my Ubuntu 10.04 on my desktop is 2-3 seconds. True, it's not boot from scratch, it is resume from suspend. But I've wondered: wouldn't it be better to focus on making the OS suspend/resume compatible with the majority of computers instead? I asked myself this because boot time will only be so fast. And for the end user, if you suspend and the machine goes to a no-energy spent mode and he then turns it on and it takes 3 seconds to resume where he left off...it seems better than a 12 second boot.

Comment Re:Predicted future news: (Score 1) 184

Whats the optical difference between "reading" wireds app, and "cruising the web" by jaywalking over to www.wired.com? Does the app suck, more than the website, I mean?

Also, why is it no good for reading, other than some marketing guy says e-ink is better and some stockholm syndrome victims repeat it?

I have no problem reading on my ipad. I'm told I'm supposed to, but the dang thing just works.

Two reasons: a) The difference is between a physical magazine and the digital counterpart, not between reading a magazine or surfing the web b) Reading a magazine just seems better than reading from a screen. It's the whole experience, not just what text is printed, that counts.

Comment Safer with CCTV (Score 1) 280

Having traveled to London recently, more than helping solve crimes, I believe the main advantage is *preventing* crimes. With its maze of tunnels, the truth is that one feels pretty safe walking on a deserted Underground tunnel when you know there's a CCTV camera dissuading criminals from acting. And this clearly surpasses any pseudo-discomfort from a "Big Brother effect": hey, I've got nothing to hide. If you want to film me, go ahead.

Comment Re:Sadly (Score 1) 360

I tried Ubuntu, But I just can't.

I wanted to install my favorite niche physics package. I couldn't even figure out how to set the files to 777 through the GUI, I had to 'sudo chmod' them.

Oh and no 'su'? really? I mean 'sudo bash' isn't that hard but jeez I don't know if this is more secure, but it sure is harder to use. I think I'll install centos before going back to fedora.

you can tell ubuntu is getting pretty good when the trolls have to try this hard to criticize it.

or did I miss a whoosh somewhere?

Why don't you create a root account so you can su all you like? Also interesting: http://blogs.techrepublic.com.com/opensource/?p=1415&tag=nl.e011

Comment Re:The beating heart... (Score 1) 207

Probably because when somebody is using Linux, odds are good they're running Ubuntu (according to distro watch, for example). Ubuntu is as good as any other distro, and Canonical is making a remarkable work making the adoption of Linux work. Please, don't ruin that with elitist comments.

Comment The same for Microsoft (Score 1) 280

I'd like to see the day where the EU will do the same for Microsoft. I would like to see the day where I could buy a computer and either a) didn't have any OS installed (meaning I'd have to buy a Windows license if I wanted to buy it with windows) b) Force stores to give me the cashback if it came with a Windows OS and I didn't want to use it

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