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Comment Wasn't there in '08... (Score 1) 310

Glad to hear it's gotten better. Our 2008 Passat Wagon had a fantastic looking and operating system that gave immediate directions, names and distances on the display in front of the wheel, and maps in the center console, but was DVD based - meaning that updates came every few YEARS and COST $200!!! And yeah, unless you sprung for a 6-disc changer, the GPS DVD took up the CD player slot in the dash as well...

Comment Re:The world is happy about Lucas not participatin (Score 1) 562

Yes, that was horrible. But one of so damn many. For me it was the drivel about Midichlorians, and then a child's half-baked "yippee"s in horrid Episode 1. The prequels broke suspension of disbelief many many times, but even Jar-Jar didn't bug me as bad as the boy actor playing young Annakin because, you know, the whole damned story is ultimately about Annakin. The kid was so poorly directed and his lines so bad, I never believed in him or in any of his abilities or that someday he would become an arch-villain who would choke the life out of people as easy as look at them. Every seen he was in, every line, and every ridiculously contrived tie-in with the other films (I fucking built C-3PO!!!) shoved me out of the movie to look for the nearest exit. I couldn't forgive that shit. Kids can act well and carry a movie if a director takes them serious enough (e.g., The Sixth Sense), but Lucas didn't bother to give a shit.

My favorite part of Episode 1 is still the scene from the making of bit where he's sitting in the pod racer with the wind machine on and keeps yelling, "I CAN'T HEAR YOU CHRIS! I CAN'T HEAR YOU CHRIS!"

Makes me smile just thinking about it.

Comment Re:Cluttered? (Score 1) 200

Also: The ads on the e-ink Kindle are more like a screen saver, and more than once I've gotten a book by an author I like on sale because of them!

And on the subject of kids - one of the best aspect of my Kindle Touch is that my kids aren't interested in it, leaving me to read in (relative) peace...

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