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Comment LHC may never activate? (Score 1) 224

I really wish I could find this article again, but I remember reading a paper from a couple physicists that offered the possibility that the LHC wont let itself activate because of the risks to spacetime or some other quantum effects. They mentioned previous experiments that posed the same risks have never actually been successful. Damn, anyone know the report I'm talking about? I swear I'm not making it up ;)

Comment Re:They can stop it: Installs locked to hardware. (Score 1) 590

It never will. Publishers have too much invested and make too much money (along with retailers) selling games off the shelf. It will never go away or let digital distribution take over. Steam has been around how long? It hasn't made much of a dent especially when the console market is so huge.

Submission + - Mac developer deletes home directory of pirates

An anonymous reader writes: .php?story=20070207124614786 A program called display eater is eating the home directories of people using known pirated serial numbers. The home directory would be most simialar to the windows directory on a pc. The developer admits that there are several illegal cd-keys that unlock his demo program and that using such keys will "erase something". Many mac users and developers are expressing anger at such a move.

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