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Comment Re:But why? (Score 1) 336

Yes, because they don't care about money in the way you think they do. All they care about is if the stock price is going up. That's literally it. If you have a CEO who can consistently increase the stock price, they're golden. If anything I think this salary cut (which is, let's be honest, probably meaningless to Cook) is an attempt to placate shareholders who see them missing their revenue targets.

Comment Re:I admit it, I like Windows 10. (Score -1, Troll) 265

WHYYYYY do people keep suggesting this? The Windows 10 start menu is SO MUCH BETTER than the old style. I don't understand why you would want to bring back something worse. People: change is inevitable. Companies are never ever going to stop updating their products. How is this news? Just get on board and stop whining, you'll find out that very often new is actually better.

Comment Re:Alternative financial models to eyeballs-for-ad (Score 2) 177

I don't think you know what Medium is...this is like suggesting that a paper company is at fault for the failure of a newspaper. Medium is a publishing platform, nothing more. You accuse them of using a "click-bait approach," but there are thousands of sites running on Medium, each with their own approach.

Comment An article based on App Store reviews? (Score 1) 221

App Store reviews are pointless. Some of the most popular apps have terrible review scores. Mario is probably getting poor scores because it requires an internet connection (which is admittedly dumb) and people are too cheap for $10. The actual, real reviews of the game itself have been pretty good.

Comment Re:Selling out? (Score 1) 78

It's not "premeditated," and the guy you're replying to is 1000% correct. Nintendo is a MUCH smaller company than Sony and Microsoft and they aren't able to takes as many risks. Building too many consoles and leaving some of them on the shelves isn't a option, that wasted money hurts them bad. They've always been conservative in this regard and they always will be. It's sound business sense.

Comment Re:I always thought (Score 1) 112

Apple watch was a solution looking for a problem that doesn't exist.

A good way of putting it. I think it's more accurately an attempt to explode a nascent hardware market in the same way they did with the iPod and iPhone. Problem is, smartwatches will (probably) always be a niche market. It's just not a device that people think they need. I think it's quite likely that Apple Watch sales are great, in the context of the smartwatch industry. I just don't think that industry is very large or relevant.

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