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Comment F1 Doc (Score 1) 325

I remember seeing (ha!) an interview with neurosurgeon Sid Watkins, who was the head of the Formula One on-track medical team. He was saying how F1 drivers were invariably very intelligent people, and they could process more visual information, and at a much higher rate, compared to average drivers. Seems to tie in with the findings of this study.

Comment Sandboxing (Score 1) 70

I think sandboxing is also a key tool. Not sure if a file contains malware? Run it on a sandboxed VM and monitor what it does. Look for files it drops, registry changes made, IP addresses it tries to connect to, etc. Hence the rise of companies like FireEye, who provide this sort of service. Other anti-malware vendors are also adding this functionality - I know of at least three big players heading down this path.

Comment Re:Did they get rid of the fake lens flares? (Score 1) 514

I think one scene, with a close shot of Marcus talking as the camera slowly tightened on her face, had too much lens flare. The flare obscured her face at times, and it took me out of the moment. But that was the only time I found lens flare distracting. I throughly enjoyed the movie - I'll probably go see it again next week.

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