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How To Hijack an EU Open Source Strategy Paper 112

Glyn Moody writes "Thanks to the indispensable Wikileaks, we have the opportunity to see how an organization close to Microsoft is attempting to re-write — and hijack — an important European Union open source strategy paper, currently being drawn up. Analyzing before and after versions visible in the document demonstrates how the Association for Competitive Technology, a lobbying group partially funded by Microsoft, is trying to widen the scope of open source to include 'mixed solutions blending open and proprietary code.'" And reader Elektroschock adds some detail on EU processes: "The European Commission lets ACT and CompTIA participate in all working groups of the European Open Source Strategy, which defines Europe's future open source approach. A blue editor questions the objectives: 'Regarding the "Europe Digital Independence" our [working] group thinks it is, in general, not an issue.' 'European digital independence' is a phrase coined by EU Commissioner V. Reding, that is what her European Software Strategy was supposed to be about. She didn't reveal that lobbyists or vendors with vested interests would write the strategy for the Commission."

Russia Mandates Free Software For Public Schools 271

Glyn Moody writes "After running some successful pilots, the Russian government has decided to make open source the standard for all schools. If a school doesn't want to use the free software supplied by the government, it has to buy commercial licenses using its own funds. What's the betting Microsoft starts slashing its prices in Russia?"

Comment Re:Good luck Europe! (Score 1) 183

Well, living in Germany I can tell you that there are people who shake their heads about current US foreign politics but that doesn't make us "hate" you.

How could we hate the country that helped to remove Hitler? How could we hate the country that spent a lot of money rebuilding the German economy after the war? There has been a history of friendship between the US and Germany until less than 4 years ago and this will not change so fast.

Please try to ignore the occassional strong german leftist trying to get into the press / some of the statements german press (like "Der Spiegel") are printing just to sell their newspaper. We should also try to ignore the same stuff on the US side - there has been a lot of europe bashing too.

IMHO the current administration of the US and germany are an unfortunate combination - they don't get along very well and that's a real pitty. From my point of view both nations did not behave very nice in some points. Especially chancellor Schroeder's abuse of the war against Iraq for his campaign ("We will never help them under an circumstances") has been more than embarassing. Mr Rumsfelds comments about "old europe" were on a embarassing level too.

But this really does not mean that the citizens of the countries should now hate each other. I have been to the US many times and always been happy about the friendly people. Also I coached some US citizens visiting Germany and they seemed to like it here too.

(These are my feelings and perceptions, of course I can't speak for all german citizens)

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