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Submission + - Forget 6 minute abs - learn to code in one day (bbc.co.uk)

whyloginwhysubscribe writes: The usually excellent BBC click programme has an article on "Why computer code is the new language to learn" — which features a company in London who offer courses on learning to code in a day. The BBC clip has an interesting interview with a marketing director who, it seems to me, is going to go back and tell his programmers to speed up because otherwise he could do it himself!
decoded.co's testimonials page is particularly funny: "I really feel like I could talk credibly to a coder, given we can now actually speak the same language."

Submission + - New BBC Sports Website uses "Semantic Web Technolo (bbc.co.uk)

whyloginwhysubscribe writes: A technical blog post describes how the BBC have rolled out the latest changes to it's sports website in anticipation of the Summer Olympics in London.

The innovative content management system extends the already available dynamic semantic publishing, which enables their journalists "to spend more time creating great content and less time managing that content".

The blog post covers some of the technical and lots of the HCI / UI design decisions and is accompanied by a non-technical overview of the re-design.


Submission + - BBC takes a look at LucasFilm's Hardware

whyloginwhysubscribe writes: "The BBC has an interesting article of Industrial Light and Magic's data centre, with a 10-gigabit backbone with a 11 trillion bits / second speed network.

ILM provide LucasFilm and LucasArt's visual effects.

What I like about the article (apart from them obviously keeping their comms room clean with a robotic Roomba vacuum cleaner complete with wireless webcam) is the way they use their PC's processing power at night. Does anyone else know any more technical information about their system architecture?"

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